Video: Ksitigarbha Earth Treasury Bodhisattva mantra chanted in Sanskrit for 1 hour.

Video: Mantra: Helps Overcome Dangers, Disasters, Brings Prosperity: Ksitigarbha Earth Treasury 地藏

Thumbnail for Mantra Video 11th Yellow Tara Vasudhara.

Video: 11th Tara Yellow Vasudhara Mantra 108 Times: Tara Who Enriches and Brings Prosperity

9th White Tara Thumbnail for video mantra of the 9th of 21 Taras Atisha lineage

Mantra Video: Mantra Protects All 8 Dangers: White Tara (Tara 9) Who Protects from All Fears 108 Times Sanskrit

Buddha-Weekly-2nd White Tara 108 Times new-Buddhism

Video Mantra: Mantra: 2nd White Tara of 21 Tara of Supreme Peace Sarasvati in Sanskrit 108 times

Guan Shi Yin NEW

Avalokiteshvara Guanyin Pusa Universal Gate Sutra 妙法蓮華經觀世音菩薩普門品 Recited for Benefit of all Beings

Buddha-Weekly-21st White tara 108-Buddhism

Video: Mantra: 21st Tara Who Completely Perfects All Enlightened Activities: Marici Tara

Buddha Weekly presents Mantra video: White Tara Who Alleviates All Suffering, 19th of 21 Taras.

Video: Pacifying Mantra of White Tara Who Alleviates Suffering 108 Times, Sitatapatra, 19th Tara

Video thumbnail Buddhist Mantra Guru Rinpoche's complete guide

Buddhist Mala: Guru Rinpoche’s Complete Guide, “Mala should follow you like a shadow”

Mother Cundi Dharani Sutra Mantra Thumbnail

Mother Chundi Dharani Mantra Sutra Benefits and Full Recitation: Mother of 7 Million Buddhas

Bardo Thodol Book of the Dead Video thumbnail feature video.

Bardo Thodol Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Wisdom That Liberates from Enlightened Mind of Guru Rinpoche

Buddha-Weekly-Lotus Sutra Recitation-Buddhism

Avalokiteshvara Universal Gate Sutra Recitation (Full Sutra): Saves from every danger; Many forms of Compassion


Great Compassionate Heart Dharani of Avalokiteśvara: 3 Hours for health, blessings, protection: Video

Six White Taras mantras video thumbnail

The Six White Taras: Pacifying Activity of All the Buddhas with Video

Manjushri Wisdom Mantra video thumbnail

Video: Manjushri Wisdom Mantra 1 Hour: Enhances Cognition and Memory Chanted Beautifully in Sanskrit

Achala Fudo Myoo Wrathful Destroyer of Evil Mantra of Compassionate Help Thumbnail image for video.

Video: Achala Fudu Myoo Sanskrit Mantra 1 Hour; Compassionate Help from the Wrathful Destroyer of Evil

Buddha-Weekly-MARICHI 1 HOUR A-Buddhism

Video: Marici Tara Mantra for Protection, Success and Prosperity Om Marici Mam Svaha

Guru RInpoche, the second Buddha.

Guru Rinpoche’s advice for visualizing the deity: a how-to from Padmasambhava with advice from today’s teachers (with video how-to)

Buddha-Weekly-Ekajati-blue-1 Hour-Buddhism

Video: Ekajati Blue Tara Mantra 1 Hour Supremely Powerful Protection and Wish-Granting

Lama Tsongkhapa 1 hour new

Video: Lama Tsongkhapa Migtsema Mantra Praise: Compassion, Wisdom, Power

Buddha-Weekly-Tara Dharani Sutura-Buddhism

Video: Recite with us the full Sutra of Tara Who Protects from the Eight Fears with her Great Dharani



Buddha-Weekly-Reciting the Heart Sutra-Buddhism

Video: Reciting the Heart Sutra for Wisdom, Compassion, Purification; with Om Gate Gate Paragate Mantra

Buddha-Weekly-Green Tara 2 hours new-Buddhism

Video: Protection from Every Danger: Green Tara Mantra 2 hours Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

Vajrasattva Sanskrit Mantra 2 Hours of Purificaton Video Thumbnail. Removes Bad Luck and Obstsacles.

Video: Vajrasattva 100 Syllable Sanskrit Mantra: 2 Hours of Purification; Removes Bad Luck and Obstacles

Ushnisha Vijaya Namgyelma Long Life Mantra video Thumbnail.

Video: Ushnisha Vijaya Namgyelma Mantra 1 hour Vitality Mantra for Long Life; Heals and Removes Suffering

Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra 1 Hour Sanskrit Blessings and Vast Accumulation of Merit Thumbnail for video.

Video: Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra 1 Hour in Sanskrit: Blessings and Vast Merit Accumulation & Auspiciousness

Buddha-Weekly-White Tara Mantra 2 Hours Thumbnail-Buddhism

Video: White Tara Mantra 2 Hour in Sanskrit: Healing, Long Life, Blessing, Auspiciousness

Buddha-Weekly-Surya Gupta 21 taras 1 hour-Buddhism

Video: 21 Taras Five Activities Dharani Praise in Sanskrit 1 Hour: Pacifying, Enriching, Magnetizing, Wrath

Buddha-Weekly-LONGCHENPA activity mantras new-Buddhism

Video: Supplicating Activity Mantras and 21 Taras Mantras: as Taught by Longchenpa and Padmasambhava

Buddha-Weekly-Buddhist mantra thumbnail-Buddhism

Video: 9 Benefits of Buddhist Mantra and How to Practice, How to Recite and How to Accumulate Merit

Amitabha Dharani for Peace and Joy video title.

Video: Amitabha Dharani 1 Hour for peace joy and removal of obstacles; beautiful Sanksrit Chanting

Video Thumbnail: Vajra Guru Mantra: "Infinite Powers and Benefits" - one full hour of beautiful Sanskrit chanting

Video: Vajra Guru Mantra, Essence of All Mantras “Infinite Powers and Benefits” – one full hour of beautiful Sanskrit chanting

Buddha-Weekly-Bodhidharma Great Sage thumbnail-Buddhism

Video: Bodhidharma Great One-Shoed Sage of Chan Zen: Four Epic Events and Four Teachings of “Few Words”

Title for Green Jambhala Speediest Wealth Deity video.

Video: Green Jambhala and Blue Green Vasudhara: Speedy Wealth Practices: Karma Family Amoghasiddhi and Tara

Buddha-Weekly-8 auspicious symbols-Buddhism

Video: Buddha’s Eight Auspicious Signs Precious Dharma Objects for Auspiciousness and Transformation


Video: Vasudhara Yellow Tara, Mother Earth or Prithvi Mata, for Prosperity Abundance: four mantras

Buddha-Weekly-ACHALA MANTRA-Buddhism

Video: Achala Fudo Myoo Mantra: Compassionate Help, Removing Obstacles & Negativities chanted in Sanskrit

Buddha-Weekly-Black Tara Documentary-Buddhism

Black Tara Documentary: Destroyer of Enemies, Negativities, Obstacles; Our Wrathful Mother

Buddha-Weekly-MAHA VAIROCHANA 2-Buddhism

Maha Vairochana, the Buddha of Light, Buddha of the Buddhas, Dharmakaya of Shakyamuni and all Buddhas

Buddha-Weekly-Achala Fudo Myoo-Buddhism

Video: Achala, Fudo Myoo, Ferocious Activity of Maha Vairochana’s Compassion, Protective Wrath

Buddha-Weekly-Samantabhadra king of all prayers-Buddhism

Video: Samantabhadra’s King of All Prayers Dharani chanted in Sanskrit — a complete Buddhist practice with all seven limbs

Buddha-Weekly-KIng garuda 2-Buddhism

Video King Shabala Multicolored Garuda: Enlightened Activity of All Buddhas; the Power of Chi and Prana

Buddha-Weekly-Saving Us From Danger Guanyin Tara-Buddhism

Video: Guanyin Avalokiteshvara Tara — Saving Us From Danger: The Burning House, the Jewel in the Robe

Marichi The Demon Slayer aspect of Tara video.

Marichi, Buddhist Goddess of Golden Light, Destroyer of Demons, Evil and Obstacles, 21st Tara: Video short documentary

Medicine Buddha Healing Sanskrit Mantra chanted video

Bhaisajya Guru Medicine Buddha Sanskrit Mantra beautifully chanted with video meditative images: New Video

Buddha-Weekly-Amitabha mantra 108-Buddhism

Video: Amitabha mantra chanted 108 times in Sanskrit: Limitless Blessings and Merit

Video Thumbnail: Kurukulla Red Tara's Power Mantra in Sanskrit chanted enchantingly 21 times

Kurukulla Red Tara’s Power Mantra in Sanskrit chanted enchantingly 21 times

Buddha-Weekly- Kurukulla documentary-Buddhism

Kurukulla Red Tara — Enlightened Enchantment Dakini; Bringing Bodhichitta Power Into Your Life

Simhamukha Lion-Faced Dakini Projection Mantra from Evil Video.

Simhamukha Lion-Faced Dakini Mantra — Chant for Protection from Evil, Obstacles, Danger

Buddha-Weekly-white umbrella tara thumbnail buddha weekly-Buddhism

VIDEO: White Umbrella Tara’s Supreme Protection: Sitatapatra Dukkar, protects against obstacles and evils

Buddha-Weekly-21 Taras Short Dhanani-Buddhism

21 Taras Short Dharani 108 Times: for Illness, Danger, Disaster, Wish-Granting, Averting War — All the Benefits of the Longer Dharani

Video Thumbnail: Lion Faced Dakini Simhamukha Wrathful Wisdom— Protects from Evil, Obstacles, Disaster, Supernatural

Video Documentary: Lion Faced Dakini Simhamukha Wrathful Wisdom— Protects from Evil, Obstacles, Disaster, Supernatural

Buddha-Weekly-Tara Who Destroys all Evils-Buddhism

Video Mantra: Black Tara Mantra 27 Times: She who Destroys Evil, Negativity, Black Magic and Obstacles

Video 21 Taras Dharani chanted beautifully in Sanskrit to original music with Nyingma tradition visualization art by Lasha Mutual

Video: 21 Taras Dharani chanted in Sacred Sanskrit with beautiful Nyingma Lineage visualizations

Video Thumbnail: Wish-Fulfilling 7-Line Praise to Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava in Sanskrit with mantra

Video: Wish-Fulfilling 7-Line Praise to Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava in Sanskrit with mantra

Black Tara Mantra Video

Video: Black Tara Mantra, Destroyer of all Evils and Enemies; Chanted 108 Times

Yamantaka Video

Video: Yamantaka Vajrabhairava, the Death Destroyer: ultimate wrathful form of Enlightened Wisdom

Kalachakra Mantra video thumbnail: Tenfold Power Chanting.

Video: Kalachakra Mantra: Tenfold Power Mantra Chanting with Explanation on 10-Fold Power Symbol and beautiful meditative images


Video: Kalachakra, the Wheel of Time Buddha: Shakyamuni’s highest emanation for difficult times

Buddha-Weekly-21 Taras Dharanis in Sanskrit-Buddhism

Video: 21 Taras powerful Dharani Mantras in Sacred Sanskrit as taught by Buddha; chanted by Hrishi!

Zasep Tulku Rinoche will return to Toronto May 20, 2017 for teachings on Mahamudra, Green Tara, and Black Manjushri. (Details below, or go to the Gaden Choling website>>)

Why giving and taking practice is an important kindness meditation and Bodhichitta practice; how to do it guided video: Zasep Rinpoche

Video: 10 Benefits of Vajrayogini Practice with chanting by Yoko Dharma!

Video: 10 Benefits of Vajrayogini practice & how to practice, chanting 8 praises by Yoko Dharma

Ushnisha Vijaya Healing and Long-Life mantra video beautifully chanted with stunning meditative images.

VIDEO Ushnisha Vijaya Namgyelma Long-Life and Health Mantra beautifully chanted 108 times with images

White Tara's mantra for healing and long life: video.

Beautiful Video: White Tara’s healing and long-life mantra beautifully chanted 108x with stunning visualized images

Buddha-Weekly-Mother Tara Powerful Mantras-Buddhism

Video: Mother Tara’s powerful activity mantra 108 times — saving from the eight great dangers

Buddhist Healing Topics Playlist on Youtube by Buddha Weekly.

Featured Healing Videos: 14 Buddha Weekly meditation, visualization, mantra and practice videos on Youtube

Buddha-Weekly-Vajrapani Documentary-Buddhism

VIDEO: Vajrapani Documentary: indestructable hand of the Buddha. All about the “Lord of Secrets”; ends in 108 mantras

Healing video Medicine Buddha Guided meditation. Play below.

FEATURED VIDEO: Medicine Buddha Healing visualization, practice and mantra with Ven. Zasep Rinpoche

Vajrapani Mantra chanting: video, Buddha Weekly

Video: Vajrapani’s powerful mantra — protective power 108 times chanted beautifully with meditative images

Buddha-Weekly-White Tara Practice and healing light visualization-Buddhism

Featured Video: Guided White Tara visualization and teaching with Mantra, Venerable Zasep Rinpoche


This Week’s Featured Video: 21 Praises to Tara in English with Tara’s mantra — for the benefit of all beings!

Vajrakilaya documentary on Youtube: Wrathful activity of the Buddhas.

Video: Vajrakilaya Buddha documentary: cutting the 3 poisons with the sharpest weapon, plus chanted mantras


VIDEO: Manjushri’s mantra — ultimate wisdom 108 times chanted beautifully in Sanskrit with images

Buddha-Weekly-Buddha Weekly YouTube Channel-Buddhism

34 precious Buddhist Mantras chanted: 34 videos with 108 mantras each of the most important Buddhist Mantras: Buddha Weekly Playlist

Vajrakilaya Sanskrit mantra video by Buddha Weekly with mantra sung, arranged, recorded by Hrishikesh Sonar and beautiful meditative images of Vajrakilaya.

Video: Vajrakilaya’s Mantra beautifully chanted Sanskrit — cutting the three poisons and removing all obstacles — the “activity of all the Buddhas”

Video title for 21 Taras Prasies chanted Atisha and Nyingma tradition images.

VIDEO: 21 Tara Praises chanted in English, with beautiful art in the Nyingma and Atisha traditions!

Song of Longing for Tara recitation video by Jason Espada.

VIDEO: Green Tara practice, recitation and praises: Song of Longing for Tara recited by Jason Espada with stunning images and 21 Praises to Tara chanted in English

Video: Introduction and mantras of the Three Lords of the World, the Three Noble Bodhisattvas Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara Chenrezig, and Vajrapani.

Video: 3 great Bodhisattvas Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani — mantras and introduction: bring the wisdom, compassion & power of the 3 Lords into your life

Video from a weekend retreat on Gelug Mahamudra with Venerable Zasep Rinpoche. Session 1 of the retreat Samatha Mindfulness meditation.

Video: Mahamudra session 1 — Samatha mindfulness meditation introduction, series weekend retreat with Ven Zasep Rinpoche

Five Wisdom Dakinis Mantra video thumbnail from Buddha Weekly, mantras sung by Yoko Dharma!

VIDEO: 5 Wisdom Dakini Mantras: Increasing, Magnetizing, Subjugating, Peaceful Activities Power

Amitabha Buddha Phowa Practice to help overcome fear of death: a video instructed by Venerable Zasep Rinpoche with visualizations and instructions.

VIDEO: Amitabha Phowa (Powa) Teaching / Guided Meditation from Ven. Zasep Rinpoche Overcome Fear of Death

Buddha Weekly's popular Guru Rinpoche mantra video.

VIDEO By Popular Demand! Mantra-Only: Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava’s Powerful Wish-Fulfilling Mantras — Protection, Prosperity, Healing

Quantum Buddha Guru RInpoche (feature image by Thomas Edwards, artist)

VIDEO: Quantum Buddha Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava Documentary & mantras 108 times chanted w visualizations

Video of Hayagriva's Mantra, the King of All Protections, sung in Sanskrit.

VIDEO: Hayagriva Buddha’s Sanskrit Mantra: King of All Protections, Pacifies Strife, Disease and Negativities—chanted 108 times


VIDEO: Palden Lhamo Shri Devi is the Terrifying Protector Aspect of Tara, Supreme Dharma Protector Mother


VIDEO: White Mahakala, Buddha of Wealth — bringing generosity and good fortune to our lives

Tara Giver of Peace recited by Jason Espada video.

Video Dharma Recitation: Tara, Giver of Peace, Read by Jason Espada, ends in Tara Mantra Chanting

Video 108 mantras of Parnashavari Tara sung by Hrishi

Video: Healing Parnashavari Tara Mantra 108 times with beautiful master art visualizations sung beautifully by Hrishi

5 wisdom dakinis-Youtube-BW-Title

Video: Five Buddhist Wisdom Dakinis: Dharma Activities including Chod, with Mantras sung by Yoko Dharma – 49 languages subtitled

3 principal paths-Youtube-BW-Title-new

Video: 3 Principal Paths — Essence of Lamrim: Part 1 Renunciation for laypeople: Ven Zasep Rinpoche

Buddha Weekly documentary video Wrathful Deities.

Wrathful Buddhas video: the first responders in meditation; how to relate to the fearsome Enlightened deities


Visualizing your heart bond Yidam. How to choose one, how to improve clarity and concentration: Advice from Teachers

Lama Tsongkhapa image illustrated by Jampay Dorje Ben Christian.

Video: Lama Tsongkhapa Visualization and Practice with Migtsema Chanting

Vajrasattva Visualization and mantra chant video from Buddha Weekly.

Vajrasattva Video: Guided Visualization and Long Mantras (non musical) With Helpful Introductory Documentary

Video on Doggy and Kitty Buddha Dharma with insights with Venerable teachers.

VIDEO — All Beings Have Been Our Mothers! Doggy and Kitty and Hamster Buddha Dharma

Stumbling on the Buddha and the Eightfold Path, a video hosted by Lee Kane

Video: Stumbling on the Buddha and the Eightfold Path Visualization and Teaching

New video series from Buddha Weekly "In Buddha's Words — NOT in Buddhas Words."

In Buddhas Words … NOT in Buddha’s Words Series. About 50 Percent of Online Quotes Attributed to Buddha are Actual

Spread the Dharma is Buddha Weekly's mission.

Spread the Dharma! Helping to Spread the Dharma is the Mission of Buddha Weekly on multiple platforms: Youtube, Podcasts, Patreon


Guan Shi Yin: How can Guan Yin Avalokiteshvara PROTECT US from the 10 Great Fears? Includes the 10 praises and 108 Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa 南無觀世音菩薩 chants with beautiful visualizations.

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