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Video Thumbnail: Buddhism and Rebirth, Oneness, Timelessness — and you are everyone

Buddhism and Rebirth, Oneness, Timelessness — and you are everyone: True Rebirth

Was your son your grandpa and other fun stories of reincarnation are some of the topics covered by our sister Youtube Channel True Rebith

Do you believe in Rebirth? An average of 33% of U.S. Adults and 38% of Indian adults believe in reincarnation. Karma and rebirth are taught in Sutra, but do all Buddhist’s accept the concept?

Rebirth is often symbolized with the metaphor of a butterfly. The Blue Morpho — one of the world’s most beautiful butterflies — with its iridescent blue color — is also one of the largest, with up to an eight-inch massive wingspan. Butterflies are one of the most common symbols of reincarnation around the world. It is the symbol used for the logo of our "sister" publication True Rebirth>>

Rebirth and Karma are important in Buddhism but What is the Reasonable Evidence for Rebirth, Previous Lives and Karma?

The famous Sleeping Buddha statues portray the paranirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha, the Blessed One.

What Buddha actually taught about “rebirth” and life after death. “Don’t misunderstand the Buddha.”

Practicing generosity creates positive karma. Here, a kind lay-Buddhist gives alms to three monks who, like the Buddha, eat only before noon and only from food given to them. Merit for good deeds is an intuitive concept in karma.

Karma is Not Fate: Why Karma is Empowering. Why do bad things happen to good people? How can we escape the wheel of suffering?

the Wheel of Life

Dependent Co-Arising Answers Most Arguments with Impeccable Logic: The Great Causes Discourse Maha-nidana Sutta

A baby is born happy — with no memory of past lives.

Rebirth vs Reincarnation: “If it isn’t ‘We’ who is reborn — if it is merely a continuum of us, but not us — then how does Karma work in the next life?” — A Reader Asks

A monk holds the hand of a deceased person found on a train platform in China.

“Learning how to die” and “Why Meditating on Death May Bring Joy to Life”: What the Buddhist Teachers Say About End of Life, Dying, and Palliative Care

Dharma practice, and Loving Kindness (Metta Karuna) practice are the key antidote for anger — the biggest obstacle in Buddhist practice.

A Wheel With Eight Spokes: Why Picking and Choosing “Beliefs” — or “Revisionist” Buddha Dhama — Can Obstruct Your Buddhist Practice

Buddha-Weekly-Butterfly reincarnation concept-Buddhism

The dream of rebirth: is reincarnation real?; if so, why don’t we remember our lives?; how can we prove it?; and other difficult questions

The concept of clinging, suffering and karma are bound up in the cycle of rebirth in Buddhism.

Rebirth Part 2: Is There Scientific Evidence of Rebirth?

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