Buddha Weekly Writer Guidelines

We rely on volunteer writers and other content providers such as editors and video editors, who submit for the benefit of all sentient beings. We do not run for profit, but as a service to Dharma practitioners and as a karma yoga duty. We carry Google advertising to offset direct costs such as high-speed hosting, security, maintenance, stock photos and other costs.  (Please see our bio page of authors for reference>>)

Our content guidelines for submitting writers are:

1. Should have a Buddhist Dharma perspective or meditation technique. We cover practice methods, Dharma teachings, Dharma teachers, but we do not cover news or opinion-editorial at all.

2. Must be minimum 500 words. We have no maximum. Some of our best-read stories are the longer ones over 2000 words, but that’s not a requirement.

3. MUST BE ORIGINAL (sorry for caps, but some people submit previously published which we will not run. We run Copyscape on all content.)

4. If you wish to publish the proposed content elsewhere, it must first be published with us. (In other words first publishing rights), and you must note a credit on the subsequent publications “Originally Published on BuddhaWeekly.com” Publishing after Buddha Weekly is fine on this condition. In other words, if you’re adding to your own blog, it should publish on Buddha Weekly first to be eligible for publication. This is due to indexing on search engines. Please note: if you do not agree with this, please do not submit. Thank you for understanding.

5. NO commercial or sponsored content is permitted. Links to anything for sale will be removed. (The author can include commercial links relevant to themselves only in the author bio, and they must be relevant (i.e. their own website or social media — not sponsored links to other parties.)

6. Anything that offers advice of a medical or psychological nature must have heavy disclaimers and be stated as your opinion (i.e. the opinion of the author, not of Buddha Weekly.)

7. ALL FACTS MUST HAVE CITATIONS. Our preferred format is [number] and Footnotes on the bottom with links. AVOID statements such as “Buddhists believe…” — unless you’re citing a teacher, expert or sutra, do not place yourself in the position of the author of speaking on behalf of “Buddhists.” For example, saying something like “All Buddhists believe in X” would not only be incorrect factually, it would be misleading. However, you can cite a teacher or sutra/sutta, or other authority provided you correctly footnote.

8. Any submitted content, including photos, should be available for publication (clear of copyright issues.)

9. We will not publish anything political in nature. Although advocacy for human rights and charitable causes and other Dharma-aligned topics are fine, we cannot accept content that criticizes any identifiable person, institution, or country. We are strictly a Dharma publication, and although we support many social causes, we avoid politicizing.

10. Quotations from teachers (such as the Dalai Lama) should have a citations in as much detail as possible. Citing a quote as “The Buddha” because you found it online cited as “The Buddha” is not sufficient. You will need to cite the actual source. For example, Dhammapada 421, as translated by X, published by Z. Quotes attributed to Buddha should also have verifying citations (Many “Buddha Quotes” found online are “fake”. Ideally, a Sutra reference for these.) We will not publish a quote attributed to Buddha or Sutra without specific citations for this reason.

11. If you are giving “advice” or stating an opinion, be sure to state clearly it’s your opinion (unless you’re quoting someone else, see above.)

We welcome your submission.