Video: Achala Fudu Myoo Sanskrit Mantra 1 Hour; Compassionate Help from the Wrathful Destroyer of Evil

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    Fudo Myoo Achala’s is exactly the type of Dharma Warrior we need in times of world strife, war, disease, and turmoil. His mantra, famously called the Mantra of Compassionate Help in the Vairochana Sutra, is renowned for stopping enemies, removing our obstacles including poverty, sickness or mental defilements, and supressing evil intentions, curses and demons. His power is the compassionate help of all the Buddhas. He is none other than the ferocious aspect of Buddha Mahavairochana.



    The mantra, chanted beautifully and powerfully here in original Sanskrit from the Mahavairochana Sutra is:

    namaḥ samanta vajrā nāṃ caṇḍa-mahā roṣaṇa-sphoṭaya hūṃ traṭ hāṃ māṃ

    नमः समन्तवज्राणां चण्डमहारोषणस्फोटय हूँ त्रट् हाँ माँ

    FOR MORE ON ACHALA FUDO MYOO “Achala, Fudo Myoo, Ferocious Activity of Maha Vairochana’s Compassion, Protective Wrath” see:


    He is chief among the Vidyarajas or Wisdom Kings. He is so stern and all-powerful that his full Sanskrit name, Arya Acalanatha, means “Noble Immovable Lord, ” indicating that nothing can shake his attention or power. Fudo Myoo, or Achala in Sanskrit, is instantly recognizable by the classic blue-black body of wrath, the raised sword, and the ferocious face. He looks like a warrior who never rests, guarding the temple and our hearts and practicing with Enlightened wrathful compassion. Just like our stern parent protects us from harm as children, Achala is metaphorically ready to fight off our obstacles with his great Vajra sword. In the classical visualization, he has one fanged tooth protruding up from his snarling mouth and one down — indicating his wrathful activities are directed at all six realms of beings, below and above. Likewise, he often has one wrathful eye looking upwards and one looking downwards, called heaven and earth eyes. This is the type of warrior we need when facing difficulties, war, strife, poverty, illness, or suffering. Who do you go to for protection when you’re under attack from overwhelming evil-doers? The well-armed Dharma warrior who is heroically devoted to law and order and protection, or the kindly monk focused on mindful meditation? In those difficult times, the image of the warrior or policeman triggers the needed meditative response. We visualize Achala, or Fudo Myoo, in Japan as the wrathful soldier form. He is the same deity as Vairochana Buddha, a wrathful emanation of the Buddha of Light. He is prominent in the Maha Vairochana Sutra and is also described with his symbolism in the Aryachala Sutra: At that time, there was a great wisdom king in the great assembly of Vairocana. This great wisdom king possesses unlimited majestic power, Having the virtue of great compassion, he appears in a blue-black form. Having the virtue of great stillness, he sits on an adamantine rock. Having great wisdom, he manifests great flames. He wields the great sword of wisdom to destroy greed, ignorance, and hatred. He holds the snare of luminous to bind those hard to tame. Because he is the formless Dharmakaya identical with space, he has no fixed abode; his only dwelling is within the hearts of sentient beings. Although the minds and inclinations of sentient beings differ, by each one’s desires, he bestows blessings and provides whatever is being sought. At that time, the great assembly, having heard this sūtra, rejoiced greatly, faithfully accepted it, and put it into practice.

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