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15th white tara 108 times

Supporting Member Video: 15th White Tara: Maha Shanti Tara Sanskrit Mantra Pacifies evil, illness, obstacles

Heart Sutra Chanted in Sanskrit Video Thumbnail.

Our 600th Video! Buddhist Heart Sutra Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya Chanted in Sanskrit: Profound merit and benefits

Triple Blessed Month Saga Dawa Buddha's Birthday, Enlightenment and NIrvana

Supporting Members: Triple Blessed Month: Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Nirvana, 100,000 Merit-Multiplying Month

Lion Faced Dakini video thumbnail

Supporting Members Video Mantra: Lion-Faced Dakini Ultimate Protection from Evil – Sanskrit Mantra 1 Hour

Kalachakra mantra 1 hour

Supporting Members Video: Kalachakra Mantra Chanted Sanskrit for 1 Hour Helps Overcomes all Obstacles

Vajravarahi Vajrayogini's 8 lines of Praise by Yoko Dharma thumbnail for Video

Supporting Member Video: Eight Praises to Vajravarahi / Vajrayogini in Sanskrit Chanted By Yoko Dharma for 1 Meditative Hour

3 Great Bodhisattvas 1 hour 2

Wisdom Compassion & Power Mantras: the Thee Great Bodhisattvas 1 Hour Sanskrit chanting

3rd yellow tara

Supporting Member Video: Rain of Wealth Tara Mantra: Yellow Tara of Supreme Merit, Sanskrit, 3rd of 21 Taras

Amoghasiddhi Buddha 2

SUPPORTING MEMBERS VIDEO: Amoghasiddhi Buddha’s Fearless Activity, Practices and Mantras with Full Puja Visualization

18th Tara Mantra Video Thumbnail.

Supporting Members Video: Mantra Eliminates All Poisons:18th White Tara Lord Atisha Lineage Sanskrit Chanting 108 Times

Buddha-Weekly-5 buddhas new-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: Five Buddhas, 5 Wisdoms, 5 Mantras: Their Practices, Symbols, Seed Syllables, and Visualizations

Video: Ksitigarbha Earth Treasury Bodhisattva mantra chanted in Sanskrit for 1 hour.

Supporting Members Video: Mantra: Helps Overcome Dangers, Disasters, Brings Prosperity: Ksitigarbha Earth Treasury Bodhisattva 地藏

Thumbnail for Mantra Video 11th Yellow Tara Vasudhara.

Supporting Members Video: 11th Tara Yellow Vasudhara Mantra 108 Times: Tara Who Enriches and Brings Prosperity

9th White Tara Thumbnail for video mantra of the 9th of 21 Taras Atisha lineage

Supporting Members Video: Mantra Protects All 8 Dangers: 9th White Tara Who Protects from All Fears 108 Times Sanskrit

Buddha-Weekly-2nd White Tara 108 Times new-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: Mantra: 2nd White Tara of 21 Tara of Supreme Peace Sarasvati in Sanskrit 108 times

Buddha-Weekly-21st White tara 108-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: Mantra: 21st Tara Who Completely Perfects All Enlightened Activities: Marici Tara

Guan Shi Yin NEW

Supporting Members Video: Avalokiteshvara Guanyin Pusa Universal Gate Sutra 妙法蓮華經觀世音菩薩普門品 Recited for Benefit of all Beings

Buddha Weekly presents Mantra video: White Tara Who Alleviates All Suffering, 19th of 21 Taras.

Supporting Member Video: Pacifying Mantra of White Tara Who Alleviates Suffering 108 Times, Sitatapatra, 19th Tara

Mother Cundi Dharani Sutra Mantra Thumbnail

Supporting Members: Mother Chundi Dharani Mantra Sutra Benefits and Full Recitation

Video thumbnail Buddhist Mantra Guru Rinpoche's complete guide

Supporting Member Video: Buddhist Mala Guru Rinpoche’s Complete Guide: “Mala should follow you like a shadow”

Buddha-Weekly-21 taras by Yoko-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: All 21 Tara Mantras, powerful Surya Gupta Lineage, sung by the Amazing Yoko Dharma

Bardo Thodol Book of the Dead Video thumbnail feature video.

Supporting Member Video: Bardo Thodol Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Wisdom That Liberates from Guru Rinpoche

Buddha-Weekly-Lotus Sutra Recitation-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: Avalokiteshvara Universal Gate Sutra Recitation: Saves from every danger; Many forms of Compassion

Six White Taras mantras video thumbnail

Supporting Member Video: Six White Taras Pacifying Mantras and Introduction: Chanted Beautifully in Sanskrit

Manjushri Wisdom Mantra video thumbnail

Supporting Members: Manjushri Wisdom Mantra 1 Hour: Enhances Cognition and Memory Chanted Beautifully in Sanskrit

Parnashavari Tara Mantra video 1 hour thumbnail image.

Supporting Members Video: Patrons Video: Parnashavari Tara Mantra 1 Hour Sanskrit: Eliminates Disease, Epidemics and Obstacles

Achala Fudo Myoo Wrathful Destroyer of Evil Mantra of Compassionate Help Thumbnail image for video.

Supporting Members Video: Achala Fudu Myoo Sanskrit Mantra 1 Hour; Compassionate Help from the Wrathful Destroyer of Evil

Buddha-Weekly-MARICHI 1 HOUR A-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: Marici Tara Mantra for Protection, Success and Prosperity Om Marici Mam Svaha

Buddha-Weekly-Ekajati-blue-1 Hour-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: Ekajati Blue Tara Mantra 1 Hour Supremely Powerful Protection and Wish-Granting

Buddha-Weekly-Wrathful Black Tara 2-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: Wrathful Black Tara Mantra 1 Hour: Destroyer of Enemies, Evil and Curses Vadi Pramardani Tara

Lama Tsongkhapa 1 hour new

Supporting Member Video: Lama Tsongkhapa Migtsema Mantra Praise: Compassion, Wisdom, Power

Buddha-Weekly-21 Taras in English 1 Hour-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: 21 Taras Dharani in English 1 Hour; a Complete Healing, Prosperity, Protection, Growth

Merit Recitation for Buddha Days: Sutra Remembering the Three Jewels (Video)

Supporting Member Video: Sutra Remembering the Three Jewels – Meritorious Recitation for Buddha Days and to Purify Karma

Ushnisha Vijaya Namgyelma Long Life Mantra video Thumbnail.

Supporting Member Ad-Free Video: Ushnisha Vijaya Namgyelma Mantra 1 hour Vitality Mantra for Long Life; Heals and Removes Suffering

Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra 1 Hour Sanskrit Blessings and Vast Accumulation of Merit Thumbnail for video.

Supporting Member Video: Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra 1 Hour in Sanskrit: Blessings and Vast Merit Accumulation & Auspiciousness

Vajrasattva Sanskrit Mantra 2 Hours of Purificaton Video Thumbnail. Removes Bad Luck and Obstsacles.

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Vajrasattva 100 Syllable Sanskrit Mantra: 2 Hours of Purification; Removes Bad Luck and Obstacles

Buddha-Weekly-Green Tara 2 hours new-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: Protection from Every Danger: Green Tara Mantra 2 hours Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

Tara Short Sanskrit Dharani video 2 hours of chanting. This is the four-activities Dharani that praises Tara's four activities in all the realms.

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Tara’s 4 Activities Sanskrit Dharani 2 Full Hours of: Peace, Magnetizing, Enriching, Wrath

Buddha-Weekly-White Tara Mantra 2 Hours Thumbnail-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: White Tara Mantra 2 Hour in Sanskrit: Healing, Long Life, Blessing, Auspiciousness

Buddha-Weekly-Healing Dharani 1 hour-Buddhism

Supporting Member Ad-Free Video: Supreme Healing Dharani 1 Hour Medicine Buddha Long Sutra Dharani in Sanskrit beautifully chanted

Buddha-Weekly-LONGCHENPA activity mantras new-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Supplicating Activity Mantras and 21 Taras Mantras: as Taught by Longchenpa and Padmasambhava

Buddha-Weekly-Surya Gupta 21 taras 1 hour-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: 21 Taras Five Activities Dharani Praise in Sanskrit 1 Hour: Pacifying, Enriching, Magnetizing, Wrath

Buddha-Weekly-Vajrapani mantra 1 hour-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Vajrapani Mantra 1 Hour for Protection, Strength and Power with beautiful meditative images

Buddha-Weekly-MANTRA OF LIGHT 1 hour-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Maha Vairochana Mantra of Light 1 Hour: Removes all Obstacles

Buddha-Weekly-7-lines praise 1 hour-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: 1 Hour Padmasambhava 7 Lines of Praise in Sanskrit: Helps Eradicate Global Obstacles, War, Disease

Buddha-Weekly-Black Tara 1 hour mantra-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: Black Tara Mantra 1 Hour Destroys All Enemies, Supreme Protection

Video Thumbnail: 9 Benefits of Buddhist Mantra and How to Practice, How to Recite and How to Accumulate Merit

Supporting Member Ad-Free Video: 9 Benefits of Buddhist Mantra and How to Practice,Recite and Accumulate Merit

Buddha-Weekly-Video Title- Vajrakilaya one hour 2-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Vajrakilaya Mantra 1 Hour – Activity of all the Buddhas

Amitabha Dharani for Peace and Joy video title.

Members Ad-Free Video: Amitabha Dharani 1 Hour for peace joy and removal of obstacles; beautiful Sanksrit Chanting

Video Thumbnail: Vajra Guru Mantra: "Infinite Powers and Benefits" - one full hour of beautiful Sanskrit chanting

Members Ad-Free Video: Vajra Guru Mantra: “Infinite Powers and Benefits” – one full hour of beautiful Sanskrit chanting

Buddha-Weekly-medicine mantra 1 hour-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Medicine Buddha’s Healing Mantra continuous for a serene hour for healing and mediation in Sanskrit

Buddha-Weekly-Bodhidharma Great Sage thumbnail-Buddhism

Supporting Member Ad-Free Video: Bodhidharma Great One-Shoed Sage of Chan Zen: Four Epic Events and Four Teachings of “Few Words”

Title for Green Jambhala Speediest Wealth Deity video.

Supporting Member Video: Green Jambhala and Blue Green Vasudhara: Speedy Wealth Practices: Karma Family Amoghasiddhi and Tara

Hayagriva 1 hour

Supporting Members Video: Hayagriva’s Powerful Mantra 1 Hour of Chanting: King of Protections, Mantra for troubled times

Buddha-Weekly-8 auspicious symbols-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Buddha’s Eight Auspicious Signs Precious Dharma Objects for Auspiciousness and Transformation


Supporting Members Ad-Free: Vasudhara Yellow Tara, Mother Earth or Prithvi Mata, for Prosperity Abundance: four mantras

Buddha-Weekly-White Jambhala Prosperity and Compassion Thumbnail-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: White Jambhala – the Prosperity and Compassionate Activities of Avalokiteshvara

Buddha-Weekly-Yellow Jambhala wealth deity-Buddhism

Member Ad-Free Video: Yellow Jambhala Enlightened Wealth Deity: history, mantra and water offering how-to

Buddha-Weekly-Black Tara Documentary-Buddhism

Supporting Member Ad-Free Video: Black Tara Documentary: Destroyer of Enemies, Negativities, Obstacles

Buddha-Weekly-Mantra of Light screen NEW-Buddhism

Supporting Member Ad-free Video: Maha Vairochana’s Mantra of Light — the Light of Compassion and Wisdom Illuminates the Universe

Buddha-Weekly-Achala Fudo Myoo-Buddhism

Supporting Member Ad-Free Video: Immovable Lord Achala, Fudo Myoo, ferocious activity of compassion of Maha Vairochana

Buddha-Weekly-ACHALA MANTRA-Buddhism

Supporting Members: Ad-Free Video – Achala Fudo Myoo Mantra: Compassionate Help, Removing Obstacles & Negativities chanted in Sanskrit

Buddha-Weekly-Samantabhadra king of all prayers-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: King of All Prayers Dharani chanted in Sanskrit — a complete Buddhist practice with all seven limbs

Buddha-Weekly-king of prayers dharani-Buddhism

Member Video Ad-Free: Chant only: Sanskrit King of Prayers Dharani original and beautiful chant – no introduction version

Maha Vairochana Supreme Buddha of Light video thumbnail.

Supporting Members Ad-Free: Maha Vairochana Buddha of Light, Buddha of the Buddhas, Dharmakaya of Shakyamuni and all Buddhas

Buddha-Weekly-KIng garuda 2-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: King Shabala Multicolored Garuda: Enlightened Activity of All Buddhas; the Power of Chi and Prana

Drumming for Mindfulness video thumbnail

Supporting Members: Dharma Drum in Buddhism: Drumming for Mindfulness; Waking up to Buddhist Practice

Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra video.

Supporting Members: Shakyamuni Mantra chanted beautifully Sanskrit 27 Times with meditative images

Buddha-Weekly-Saving Us From Danger Guanyin Tara-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: Ad-free HD – Guanyin Avalokiteshvara Tara — Saving Us From Danger: The Burning House, the Jewel in the Robe

Medicine Buddha Healing Sanskrit Mantra chanted video

Supporting Members: Ad-free HD Healing with Medicine Buddha Short Sanskrit Mantra clhanted beautifully 27 Times; Bhaishajya Guru

Marichi The Demon Slayer aspect of Tara video.

Supporting Members: HD Ad-free video — Marichi, Buddhist Goddess of Golden Light, Destroyer of Demons, Evil and Obstacles, 21st Tara

Buddha-Weekly-Amitabha mantra 108-Buddhism

Amitabha mantra video chanted 108 times in Sanskrit: Limitless Blessings and Merit – Ad-free for Supporting Members


Supporting Member Video: Ad-free Medicine Buddha Documentary: how to practice and why Medicine Buddha is helpful in healing

Buddha-Weekly-Buddha-Weekly-Vajra, Mala, and Bell-Buddhism 2-Buddhism

Supporting Members ad-free HD Video: Vajra, mala and bell documentary: Buddhist practice supports

Buddha-Weekly- Kurukulla documentary-Buddhism

Supporting Members Ad-Free: About Kurukulla Red Tara — Enlightened Enchantment Dakini (Documentary)

Buddha-Weekly-Kurukulla 21 times thumbnail-Buddhism

NEW Member ad-free HD video version: Kurukulla Red Tara’s Power Mantra in Sanskrit chanted enchantingly 21 times

Buddha-Weekly-white umbrella tara thumbnail buddha weekly-Buddhism

Supporting Members: White Umbrella Tara’s Supreme Protection: Sitatapatra Dukkar, protects against all obstacles, evil

Buddha-Weekly-21 Taras Short Dhanani-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: 21 Taras Short Dharani 108 Times: for Illness, Danger, Disaster, Wish-Granting, Averting War

New video documentary from Buddha Weekly on the Lion-Faced Dakini, Supreme protection from evil, obstacles, negativity, and even black magic.

Supporting Members Video: Simhamukha, Lion Faced Dakini: Documentary on the Wrathful Remover of Obstacles, Negativity, and Evil

Buddha-Weekly-Tara Who Destroys all Evils-Buddhism

Supporting Members Early view ad-free: Black Tara Mantra 27 Times: She who Destroys Evil, Negativity, Black Magic and Obstacles: Music

Video 21 Taras Dharani chanted beautifully in Sanskrit to original music with Nyingma tradition visualization art by Lasha Mutual

Supporting Member Video: 21 Taras in Sanskrit Nyingma Tradition chanting and video visualization

Medicine Buddha Healing Dharani video from Buddha Weekly.

Supporting Members early release: Medicine Buddha Long Dharani in Sanskrit from Sutra chanted 7 times with meditative images

Amitabha's long life and purification Dharani and root mantra in Sanskrit, beautifully chanted by Buddha Weekly.

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Amitabha Pure Land Dharani and Mantra— for long life and purification of obstacles

Mantra Music video of Kshitigarbha Gizo's mantra 108 times.

Member Early watch ad-free HD Video: Mantra of Ksitigarbha Jizo Dizang Earth Store Bodhisattva Chanted Beautifully 108 Times

Buddha-Weekly-HEART DHARANI of Avalokiteshvara Akadasamukha 11 -faced Chenrezig-Buddhism

Supporting Members: Great Compassion Heart-dhāraṇī of Avalokiteśvara-ekadaśamukha chanted 27 times w beautiful images

Buddha-Weekly-Padmasambhava Wish-Fulfilling Praise thumbnail-Buddhism

Supporting Members Video: Wish-Fulfilling 7-Line Praise to Guru RInpoche Padmasambhava in Sanskrit with mantra

Black Tara Mantra Video

Ad-Free Video for Supporting Members: Black Tara Mantra, Destroyer of all Evils and Enemies; Mother Tara’s Wrathful Aspect, Chanted 108 Times

Yamantaka Video

Supporting Member Ad-Free Video: Destroyer of Death Yamantaka: supremely wrathful Yidam manifestation of Manjushri

Kalachakra Mantra video thumbnail: Tenfold Power Chanting.

Kalachakra Mantra: Tenfold Power Chanting by Hrishikesh Sonar

Kalachakra Wheel of Time Buddha video.

Supporting Members Ad-Free Video: Kalachakra, the Wheel of Time Buddha — highest emanation of Shakyamuni Buddha

Buddha-Weekly-Loving Kindness Meditation thumbnail 2-Buddhism

HD ad-free supporting members version: Meditation Loving Kindness Guided 10 minutes plus 10 benefits

Ksitigarbha Dìzàng Jizo Guided Meditation and Mantra video.

Supporting Members HD Ad-Free Video: Ksitigarbha Dìzàng Jizo Guided Meditation and

Ushnisha Vijaya Long Life and Health meditation practice and mantra video thumbnail.

Support Members HD Video: Support Your Health and Long Life with Ushnisha Vijaya Guided Meditation and Mantra

black mahakala mantra thumbnail

Ad-Free for Supporting Members: Black Mahakala’s powerful mantra chanted by Yoko Dharma!

Buddha Weekly's Black Mahakala documentary and mantra chanting video.

Supporting Members HD Ad-Free Video: Buddhist Protector Black Mahakala’s Miracles Documentary, and Mantra chanted by Yoko Dharma

21 Taras Praise chanted for Buddha Weekly by Hrishikesh Sonar in a video with meditative Tara images by Niels Petersen in the Surya Gupta lineage style.

Ad-Free Video: 21 Taras chant in Sacred Sanskrit as taught by Buddha: chanted by Hrishikesh Sonar

Buddha-Weekly-Vajrayogini's 8 lines of praise video-Buddhism

Supporting Member Video: Ad-Free Vajrayogini’s 8 lines of praise chanted in Sanskrit by Yoko Dharma!

Video: 10 Benefits of Vajrayogini Practice with chanting by Yoko Dharma!

Member ad-free video: 10 Benefits of Vajrayogini Practice documentary with chanted 8 lines of praise to Vajrayogini by Yoko Dharma

Ushnisha Vijaya Healing and Long-Life mantra video beautifully chanted with stunning meditative images.

Member Video: Ad-Free Ushnishavijaya Healing & Long Life Mantra 108 times beautifully chanted

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