Mother Chundi Dharani Mantra Sutra Benefits and Full Recitation: Mother of 7 Million Buddhas

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    The Sūtra of the Great Cundi Dharaṇi, the Heart of the Mother of Seven Million Buddhas, is a teaching from Shakyamuni Buddha.

    What is her Sutra and her mantra?

    What are the miraculous benefits of her practice and Dharani?

    In this presentation, we’ll answer these questions, then recite the abbreviated form of Her Sutra and Dharani.



    NOTE: Cundi is sometimes spelled Chundi. Cunda and Chunda are also correct. (C in transliterated Sanskrit is pronounced “ch” like “cheers”)


    00:00-00:50 Introduction: Who is Mother Cundi

    00:50-02:02 Introducing the Sutra of the Great Cundi Dharani

    02:02-02:49 Miraculous Benefits of Cundi as Proclaimed by Shakyamuni

    02:49-04:47  Different Forms of Cundi Manifestations

    04:47-06:37 Appropriate offerings for Compassionate Mother Cundi

    06:37-09:06    Short Mantra three times and Dharani three times


    Her mantra is short and easy to remember and pronounce (remembering the “c” is pronounced with a “ch” sound like “cheers”). It is simply:

    oṃ cale cule cunde svāhā

    The Full Dharani with mantra is:

    namah saptanam samyak-sambuddha kotinam tadyatha

    om cale cule cunde svaha

    Cundi (Chundi), also known as Cunda (Chunda) is none other than Wisdom and Compassion embodied. In a Drikung meditation manual, she is described this way:

    Cunda quickly ripens all spiritual powers.

    She motivates Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to help living beings, induces beings to embark on the Buddhist Path, and inspires renouncers and solitary achievers to follow the Bodhisattva Way.

    Shakyamuni proclaimed that her mantras shake the Buddha-worlds, defeat all demons, and bestow many miraculous powers.

    Through the recitation of her mantra, all diseases are purified, and Buddhahood is quickly attained.

    Even a tenth-level Bodhisattva does not surpass her in brilliance.

    All worldly and spiritual perfections are attained through her mantra.

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