Video: Pacifying Mantra of White Tara Who Alleviates Suffering 108 Times, Sitatapatra, 19th Tara

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    Buddha Weekly presents Mantra video: White Tara Who Alleviates All Suffering, 19th of 21 Taras.

    The powerful pacifying mantra transmitted by Tara Herself to Lord Atisha as the 19th of the 21 Taras, White Tara Who Alleviates Suffering who is Sitatapatra:

    om tare tuttare ture mocana svaha     

    (pronounced mochana with a soft ch )



    What does She pacify? The 19th Tara, who emanates also as Sitatapatra, pacifies all suffering and all dangers.

    HER PRAISE IN ENGLISH shows us that even the Devas (gods and godesses) rely on Tara for protection and alleviation of suffering!:

    Homage to You on whom the devas rely

    And also the lords of all the Gandharvas.

    Your armor of joy, a radiant brightness,

    You eliminate arguments and nightmares.


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    Traditionally, you chant this mantra as a supplication to pacify suffering and protect after first chanting or reciting the 21 Taras Dharani once each (ideally in Sanskrit, alternately in Tibetan or English). To chant along with the entire 21 Praises to Tara as a Sanskrit Dharani, see our video:

    OR, in ENGLISH:

    OR, if in a rush, just chant the praise DHarani of the 19th Tara:

    Tara 19 Tara, Extinguisher of All Suffering / Dukha Dahana Tara / Duk Ngal Sek Pi Drolma:

    namaḥ sura gaṇā dhyakṣa

    sura kinnara sevite

    ābaddha muditābhoga

    kari duḥ svapna nāśini

    OR, in ENGLISH: 19. Tara, Extinguisher of All Suffering

    Homage to You on whom the devas rely

    And also the lords of all the Gandharvas.

    Your armor of joy, a radiant brightness,

    You eliminate arguments and nightmares.

    ALTERNATIVELY, if you are rushed, chant the short Dharani, which is the essence of all 21 Taras:

    This is a supplication mantra, that asks White Tara to pacify all suffering and to protect from all dangers. For more on Supplication Mantras, as taught by Longchenpa, see our video:

    For a video on all six of the White Taras in Lord Atisha lineage, see:


    Lasha Mutual:

    Terma Tree:

    Vajrayana Print:

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