Buddha Weekly Books (BWB)

Buddha Weekly Books (BWB) publishes hardcover books, trade paper books, ebooks and audiobooks. Buddha Weekly Books (BWB) is the book imprint of Buddha Weekly, a non-profit, publishing since 2007 as a periodical,  online magazine, video channel, and podcast.

Buddha Weekly Books Mission

Spread the Dharma is the Buddha Weekly mission — and the mission of all of our outreach activities, including our book publishing initiative. Our publishing mission is to increase public awareness of Buddhism, Buddha Dharma, and its history, philosophy, practices, and literature.

BWB aims to provide an online library of Buddha Dharma books from the earliest scriptures to modern-day interpretations and commentaries and on a wide range of topics and traditions. Our selections are carefully chosen to fit our mission and contain works from a variety of authors both current and past. We want readers to experience the richness.


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Buddha Weekly, publishing Dharma since 2007, now publishes books.


Buddhism — for All Stages of Practice

Our scope includes multiple types of Buddhist books, ranging from beginner’s guides for those just starting out on the journey to specialized texts with intricate details on advanced Buddhism-related topics. Ultimately, we hope to provide diverse, comprehensive, and helpful books that focus on issues relating to spirituality and personal growth, such as meditation, yoga, and self-discovery. As with our popular magazine, we focus on Buddhism-specific topics such as meditation practices, Dharma texts, teachings, and lectures given by renowned teachers. We also hope to offer children’s books with stories or activities related to various aspects of Buddhism, making it easier for parents to explain these concepts.

Books chosen for publication will follow the general guidelines of the magazine, podcasts, and videos — to “Spread the Dharma” — but in even more comprehensive depth and scope.


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Buddha Weekly, publishing periodicals since 2007, now publishes Buddha Dharma books. Why? Dharma Books help not only “Spread the Dharma” — but preserve it for future Dharma practitioners. And — we love Dharma Books!


Editorial Guidelines

Buddha Weekly Books (BWB) strives to ensure all books we publish are authoritative sources of information and are based on verified sources and facts rather than speculation or opinion. To accomplish this goal, our volunteer teams of Editors and experts review authors’ works thoroughly.

We will simultaneously publish in traditional print media, as well as multiple digital formats such as ebooks — and, where possible, audiobooks as well.

Author Guidelines and Submissions

Do you have a book you’d like to submit for consideration to the editors at Buddha Weekly Books? It is important to remember that the most important aspect of Buddha Dharma books is authentic teachings or guidance. For this reason, we will always strongly consider any Buddhist teacher’s submissions. All submissions are reviewed by our volunteer editors, who are strongly committed to the Spread the Dharma mission.

We suggest reaching out to our editors with a short message indicating your topic and title (if you have one), theme, and a quick synopsis of your concept, sources and why it’s an important Buddha Dharma topic. Let us know what stage your project is at.

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