Author Submission: Buddha Weekly Books (BWB)

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Buddha Weekly. Do you have a book you’d like to submit for consideration to the editors at Buddha Weekly Books? Do you feel motivated to help preserve or spread the noble Buddha Dharma? Buddha Weekly has published as a periodical since 2007 on that very mission — “Spread the Dharma.” Now, we have expanded our mandate to include book-length works. If you are familiar with our published features on BuddhaWeekly, you’ll know what we tend to publish. We recommend you use the search tool — upper right of our home page — on our web page and research the topic of your interest.

All submissions are reviewed by our volunteer editors, who are strongly committed to the Spread the Dharma mission. For this reason, we may take some time to respond to you. We will endeavor to respond. We welcome simultaneous submissions, but please indicate this in your summary.

We suggest reaching out to our editors with a short message indicating your topic and title (if you have one), theme, and a quick synopsis of your concept, sources and why it’s an important Buddha Dharma topic. Let us know what stage your project is at. Please use the submission form below. All submissions go directly to our editors.

Author Query: Buddha Weekly Books

We suggest you submit a short query to our editors if you are considering publication of a Buddha Dharma book with Buddha Weekly Books. Try to synopsize consicely, covering topic, why it's unique, why it's important to Buddhists, and your qualifications. We will respond as quickly as possible.

If you have a title, please indicate it, or suggest a "working title" for now.
Give us the short "elevator" concept. In a few sentences describe your topic and why it's unique.
Please cover your writing career and credentials, past book publications, other published works, and any relevant credentials (for example, if you are a Buddhist teacher.)


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