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Buddha Weekly is an online magazine covering most important areas of Buddhist living and practice, with special focus on Teachers, Meditation Practices, Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha. Buddha Weekly Magazine has published on different platforms since 2007. We often profile specific Buddhist practices, teachers and Gurus, and insights into problems we personally may have faced in our practices.

Our team

Buddha Weekly is proud of our growing team of writers, editors, and video editors, who contribute to the love of Dharma. They bring a diverse view of Buddhism, covering most schools and traditions.

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Our most popular series is “What the Teachers Say.”

Also popular is “The Scientific Buddhist.”

Our newest series is “Interviews with the Teachers.”


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We accept and publish features from various contributors. Our editor-in-chief is Lee Kane.

Our Content


Buddha Weekly online magazine’s focus is Buddhist living, practice and Dharma. Although written by senior student writers, we always cite the views of notable teachers of all traditions, schools and lineages. Our various writers also comment on Dharma and practices. Feature articles from contributors focus particularly on: Buddhist practices, Dharma, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Zen, mindfulness, Tantra, meditation techniques, mantra, and announcements of events, such as visiting gurus or teachers and their schedules. We occasionally profile teachers and gurus. Occasionally, we cover the latest Buddhist news from around the world from all traditions and non-traditions. Our editor is Lee Kane. You’ll also find us on Facebook>> , on Twitter, and our video library on YouTube on our channel>>

(Please see our disclaimer on the bottom of this page regarding advice and endorsements.)

“What the Buddhist Teachers Say” is a long-running feature series. We pick a topic, then seek the opinions/ quote/ guidance of at least five teachers.


No Authority—We Are Practitioners, Not Teachers

Buddha Weekly‘s focus as an online magazine is to feature active practice from a student-practitioner point-of-view: encouraging, inspiring or discussing issues in practice—but written by practitioners. There is no authority to our stories, as our contributors are typically senior “students” and practitioners, not lineage-holders, teachers and gurus—unless a byline on a feature indicates it was written by a qualified teacher. We report, discuss and opine — and when presenting instructions, information or guidelines from teachers, we do so in “quotes” — but our stories are from the practitioner point-of-view.



Although most of our content is from our core team, we invite anyone to contribute feature stories, subject to approval and editing. Buddha Weekly is a service and generates no profit. Some small revenue is generated from advertising, used for web hosting, stock photo licenses, and other direct costs. Its purpose is sharing.

Reader and subscriber comments are the opinions of the readers and subscribers.


Moved From other platforms

Published since 2007, we were originally an active group Squarespace, and later on Ning, but moved to WordPress. Many of our older stories, sadly, were left behind.

Since our move, a regular group has contributed to our “zine.” Contributors submit their stories out of a love for their practice, compassion for all beings and a sincere delight in interacting with fellow Buddhists.



If you have an event to publicize that is Buddhist related, send it via our contact form and we will publicize it here, and through our Facebook and Twitter activities.

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