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Arya Tara Karma Mother ©BuddhaWeekly-2

HAPPY TARA DAY! 2024 Tara Days: How, When, and Why we Celebrate the Mother of the Buddhas

Retaining devotion and enthusiasm for Buddhist practice is a lifelong journey.

Buddha Dharma practice reboot? With Refuge and Bodhichitta, you are not alone — methods to supercharge your enthusiasm for Buddhist practice

Thich Nhat Hanh contemplating. From the movie "Walk with me", releasing in 2017.

“Torches That Help Light My Path”: Thich Nhat Hanh’s Translation of the Sutra on the Eight Realizations of the Great Beings

A monk teaching school children at Wat Temple Saraburi Thailand.

Buddhism Is Learning: Applying Teaching To Modern Day Practice

A devoted Buddhist of faith chanting mantras.

Complete Guide to Buddhist Mantra Yana Practice: 4 Foundations and 9 Tips for Maximizing Mantra Benefits

Happy Saga Dawa Day May 23 (the entire month is Saga Dawa).

HAPPY SAGA DAWA DUCHEN: May 23 Celebrating Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Paranirvana!

Saga Dawa, the most sacred day of the year, celebrated in a march at Gantok in Sikkhim.

Saga Dawa Duchen and the Month of Merits: Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Paranirvana Celebrated With “Merit Multiplied”

Buddha Nature teaching video by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche with chanting of Heart Sutra by Yoko Dharma

The Essential Characteristics of Buddha Nature Based on the teachings in the Uttara Tantra Shastra

The Tibetan Windhorse is iconic of Lung or wind (Chi, Prana or breath). The Windhorse symbolically carries the prayers and wishes of practitioners to the Universe.

The Sacred Symbol of the Horse in Buddhism; Special Significance in Tibet and Mongolia

Buddha-Weekly-World cradled in hands-Buddhism

Knowing the World As a Sacred Place by Jason Espada — a Vajrayana View (Special for Earth Day)

An angry man insults the Buddha. The Buddha's reaction was "non reaction."

9 Ways Buddha Taught Us to Transform Anger with Three Sutras — Ending Negativity and Suffering:

Shakyamuni Buddha teaches Singala the householder, instructing him in Buddhist responsibilities from a Lay person's point of view.

Overcome the Poison of Hatred as taught by Buddha in Sutra; How to Cultivate Advesha

Shrines and altars can be anywhere even in caves, if they are treated properly.
Here is a temple in a cave in Dambulla Sri Lanka.

The Karma of Intention: Buddhist Guide to Holy Objects: Etiquette, Placement and Other “Rules”

Shaolin Kung Fu is actually a "yoga" or meditation practice, in Buddhism, not just a defensive art.

Alternatives to “Seated” Meditation: Dance, Stand, Drum, Chant, and Move Your Way to Active Enlightenment — Taking a Stand: Activity Yogas

Vajra and bell and mala are all important "Practice supports." Bell represents support of wisdom in our practice, vajra stands for activity and compassion, and the mala stands for Dharma speech.

Guru Rinpoche Taught “Mala Should Accompany You Like Your Shadow”– A Complete Buddhist Guide to Practicing with a Mala

Buddha renounced ordinary life when he left his secure life in the palace. Symbolic of his renunciation, he cut his beautiful hair. Renunciation isn't specifically pointing to renunciation as a monk, however.  It's about the commitment to journey the path, here and now, to Enlightenment. This road can be journeyed as a monk or a lay practitioner.

Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha’s Renunciation Day (March 17) and His Journey to Spiritual Awakening


Tashi Delek! Happy LOSAR Tibetan Lunar New Year Year of the Dragon; how to prepare, how to celebrate to bring auspicious blessings

Vajrasattva painted by Laura Santi.

The “Four Rs” of the Lunar Year End in Buddhism: Vital Vajrasattva Practice and Pre-Losar Traditions Explained

Tara and Hayagriva are two deities who can help us pacify war.

Buddhist Practices for Pacifying War, including Hayagriva and Tara — the “pacifiers of war”

Two of the Eight Auspicious Signs displayed in front of Green Tara as an offering and Dharma objects representing the Noble Eightfold Path as the Dharma Wheel and protection as the parosol.

Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism for Spiritual Transformation and Harmony at Home

Rinpoche taught that the best posture and meditation position for Mahamudra is the Lotus position if possible, as long as it's comfortable.

What Is the Importance of the Human-Nature Connection in Buddhism?


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024! New Year’s Buddhist practices for an auspicious, peaceful and happy year for all beings

Buddha statue against a full moon. Lunar calendar is very important in Buddhism, with most major events celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

Lunar Dharma Dates for 2024: Buddha Days, Recurring Puja Days, Annual Celebrations in Three Buddhist Traditions

Yellow Jambhala

Yellow Jambhala: Path to Genorsity through Financial Stability and Spiritual Prosperity

Buddha statue against a full moon.

Clearing the Confusion on Lunar Dates: How, When, and Why to Celebrate These Sacred Lunar Days in 2024


Dakini Days in 2024: Celebrating the Wisdom Activity of the Enlightened Dakinis


Guru Rinpoche Days in 2024: Celebrating the Lotus Born Padmasambhava Monthly with Tsog

Black Mahakala is the most iconic of the wrathful Enlightened Deities. He is a ferocious emanation of the Buddha of Compassion Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig.

Understanding the Significance of Dharma Protector Day in Vajrayana Buddhism: the “Guardian Angels” of Dharma

Traditional lantern display for Lantern Festival celebrated on the 15th day of Chinese New Year at a Chinese Temple.

Lantern Festival (元宵節)— Celebrating our ancestors and promoting peace has its origins in Buddhist celebrations

Lama Tsongkhapa altar at a monastery.

Ganden Ngamchoe Paranirvana Day: Celebrating the Great Enlightened Sage from the Land of Snows Lama Tsongkhapa December 7


A Light to the World — Celebrate Buddha’s Descent from Heaven on Lhabab Duchen: merit multiplied ten million times

Bimaran Casket containing a tooth relic of Shakyamuni Buddha.Tooth Relic Bimaran Casket mid-1st century CE British musiem By World Imaging - Bimaran casket. British Museum. Personal photograph 2005., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=283629

The Sacred Power of Relics: What Are Relics, Where Are These Treasures, and How Can They Help Us?

Karma imprints on our mind stream. For our own physical — and spiritual — health, these negativities should be purified through the Four Opponent Powers.

Is it easier to practice Buddhist meditations in our dreams? Enlightenment through Dream Yoga, is it possible?

Buddha-Weekly-Healthy Meditation designed for yourself dreamstime_xl_139362087-Buddhism

How Human Design Can Inform and Guide Meditation Practices

Part of the cover of Illumination: A Guide to the Buddhist Method of No-Method by Rebecca Li

Illumination: A Guide to the Buddhist Method of No-Method — book excerpt by Rebecca Li Ph.D “What Silent Illumination Is”

A lovely portrait of a contented elderly Buddhist nun praying in front of the Bodnath Stupa, Katmandu Nepal Sept 9 2017.

Buddhists Have Never Feared Time – How Aging Can Be A Power In Modern Society

Buddha Weekly's video True Dragon in Buddhism.

Dragons in Buddhism: The Zen Tale of the True Dragon; Guanyin and the Dragon King’s son

Concept of "monk in space" as a metaphor for Vajrayana — seeing beyond illusory reality. In this metaphor, the monk walking mindfully is Theravada, the monk driving a big bus full of people, fleeing a flaming city is the Mahayana and the Monk piloting in space is the Vajrayana.

What is the difference between Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhism? Three Vehicles, One Desitnation

Rebirth is often symbolized with the metaphor of a butterfly. The Blue Morpho — one of the world’s most beautiful butterflies — with its iridescent blue color — is also one of the largest, with up to an eight-inch massive wingspan. Butterflies are one of the most common symbols of reincarnation around the world. It is the symbol used for the logo of our "sister" publication True Rebirth>>

Rebirth and Karma are important in Buddhism but What is the Reasonable Evidence for Rebirth, Previous Lives and Karma?

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Prostration, Praise and Prayers — the most essential practices for busy Buddhists. “Go Bananas” for Buddha: Devotion

Practicing generosity creates positive karma. Here, a kind lay-Buddhist gives alms to three monks who, like the Buddha, eat only before noon and only from food given to them. Merit for good deeds is an intuitive concept in karma.

Karma is Not Fate: Why Karma is Empowering. Why do bad things happen to good people? How can we escape the wheel of suffering?

Buddha teaching.

June 4 this year is SAGA DAWA DUCHEN — celebrating Shakyamuni Buddha’s Enlightenment and Paranirvana! May All Beings Benefit!

Shakyamuni Buddha teaches Singala the householder, instructing him in Buddhist responsibilities from a Lay person's point of view.

Buddha: How to protect wealth, associate with virtuous friends and relate to your spouse, employer, children: guidance for lay practitioners in Sigalovada Sutta

Several research studies have indicated significant health benefits to people who practice meditation or are active in spiritual groups.

Buddhism helps seniors through difficult times; research demonstrates link to longer life

Celebrate Saga Dawa Duchen, honoring Shakyamuni Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Paranirvana on the 15th day of the 4th lunar month. All meritorious deeds are multiplied karmically, according to tradition.

Day of Highest Merits: Celebrate Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Paranirvana on Saga (Saka) Dawa Duchen June 4, 2023

Shakyamuni Buddha teaching.

11 essential subjects for meditation according to The Sutra on the Eight Realizations

Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva who hears the cries of the world sheds a tear of compassion. Tara, the rescuer, arise from one of His tears, to help him on his endless mission to save sentient beings from Samsara and suffering.

Unconditional Compassion: The Crux of Shantideva’s Interpretation of Karma Theory

Cham Dance during the Ladakh Festival on Sept 2, 2012 in Leh, India. In Cham, the masked dancers are typically monks.

Cham Dance in Tibetan Buddhism and Vajrayana: What is it and why is it important for Losar and other special occasions

Celebrating Paranirvana Day.

Buddha’s Nirvana Day: Celebrations for Paranirvana day; quoting the last admonition of Buddha: Mahaparinibban Sutta

Kukkuripa Mahasiddha and his dog, who was in fact a Dakini. Painting by Ben Christian Jampay Dorje.

Kukkuripa’s Dog and the Sacred Animals in Buddhism — Power Animals of Enlightened Deities and their meaning

Dalai Lama mingling with a crowd in Pamaia Piza Italy at the Lama Tsongkhapa Institute.

Active Compassion: the core of the teachings of the Dalai Lama and Buddhism

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche visiting Holy Land Prayer Wheels in Israel. Behind Rinpoche is Micha Strauss.

Prayer Wheels — “Mindful meritorious, mantra wheels” — Holy Land Prayer Wheels, guided by advice from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

New Year Celebrating the New Year in Thailand with fireworks at Wat Chai Watthanaram Buddhist temple Thailand.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Auspicious Buddhist traditions for New Year. Celebrating with joy, optimism, and compassion — for the benefit of all sentient beings!

Buddhist love is universal, without attachment, without selfishness.

Compassion and Love: Buddha’s remedy for suffering for all sentient beings: unattached, unselfish Karuna and Metta

Happy Chinese New Year 2023.

Preparing for Losar and Lunar New Year 2023, Year of the Water Rabbit. May All Beings be Happy!

Siddartha Buddha grew up in the palace and was an expert in martial arts.

Shakyamuni Buddha, born to “warrior caste” taught how to be a fearless Buddhist: overcoming ignorance and suffering with the “weapons” of wisdom and compassion

Buddha-Weekly-Monks praying Thailand-Buddhism

What is Buddhist Prayer: a wish, an activity, an aspiration, an act of love, a form of meditation?

Shatideva and the Bodhisattva Way of Life, the Six Paramitas.

Shantideva’s Practical Guide to Developing Compassion from Suffering — “The Way of the Bodhisattva”

Buddha-Weekly-Buddhist monk meditating at waterfall dreamstime_xxl_155900227-Buddhism

A Theravadan monk explains how Buddhist mindfulness and clinical therapeutic mindfulness are complimentary — but not the same

Buddha statue against a full moon.

2023: Celebrating the Lunar: Special “moon” dates for Buddha Dharma Practice including Buddha Days, Tsog, Medicine Buddha, Tara

His Holiness Sakya Trizin enjoys a good laugh.

Celebrating the extraordinary activities and life of His Holiness Kyabgon Gongma Trichen Rinpoche, the Sakya Trichen

The Dalai Lama at a public speaking engagment stands in front of one of the appliqué thangkas of Shakyamuni Buddha.

“The Dalai Lama will see you now” — chapter excerpt from Threads of Awakening by Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama with author/artist Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo and her father, standing in front of one of Leslie's magnificent silk appliqué thangkas — in 1997 in Dharamsala.

Threads of Awakening: Interview with artist and author Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo

Feature image The Sakya Jetsunmas

“The Sakya Jetsumas — The Hidden World of Tibetan Female Lamas” — spiritual biographies of the great female meditation masters

August Dharma Dates annual 2022

Dharma Dates for August 2022: Lord Buddha’s First Teaching and Lord Ksitigarbha’s Birthday and much more to celebrate: lunar to western calendar conversion

Close up of a beautiful thangka-painted statue of Vajrakilaya by Nepal's Best Statues.

Sacred Statue Support (pictorial): “More than a venerable object” — Nepal’s Best Statues, 3rd Generation Bhim Pathak on the Dharma craft of metal statue art

An inflated need for a perfect self-image and ego can lead to exercise addiction. Both the ego issue and the addictions are cravings and attachments which can be helped with many of Shakyamuni Buddha's meditation methods.

Craving excercise? Like any attachment, vibhava-tanha, or the attachment can become an addiction

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche teaching with spinning prayer wheel in right hand.

Inspired by Kyabje Garchen Rinpoche, Holy Land Prayer Wheels personalize Tibetan Prayer Wheels: interview with Micha Strauss

Medititon is good for people of all ages. Many educators believe starting simple meditaiton (such as breathing) young has Emotional Intelligence benefits, along with health benefits.

Meditation for children: Peer-reviewed studies support structured meditation in classrooms and homes to help children deal with depression, negative coping and self-hostility


The month of merit: Saga Dawa, celebrating Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Paranirvana — be generous, moral and practice often

Remaining mindful while walking is a well-known daily practice in Buddhism. Here monks lead lay practitioners on a silent walking meditation in Thailand.

Mindfulness in action and every-moment awareness: learning to live life to the fullest; meditation through living

A statue at Shaolin Buddhist temple. In the background, the caligraphy says Zen or Chan.

Martial Arts and Buddhist practice have at least three things in common: discipline, mindfulness and compassion.

Four happy novice Buddhist monks.

Why happiness and laughter are actual Buddhist teachings. The Sutra on Happiness, the Tathagata’s teaching “This is the great happiness!”

For stress, the best medicine is a little quiet meditation.

Mind-space, it’s all we need. Meditation quiets the mind, even if you can’t find a quiet space. Buddha’s advice “I am silent.”

Tibetan White Pagoda nestled in mountains in nature at Qinghai Lake. Pagodas and Buddhist temples are often integrated beautifully into nature and mountain. Buddhism has always had a close relationship with nature. Buddha found enlightenment under a tree, and spent most of his life in the forests and jungles meditating and teaching.

Knowing the World As a Sacred Place – An Invitation to the Vajrayana View

Serial killer Angullimala tries to kill the Buddha and instead becomes his student. Buddha teaches Anguilmala — obviously an extreme case — through virtuous conduct. Even as the killer attacks him, Buddha does not attempt to defend himself — yet Anguilimala is unable to stab him.

Peacemaking Buddhism: importance of Ahimsa “Non-Harm” in Buddhism — “Nonviolence is the weapon of the strong.”

Save Bees. Save Nature.

A Bee’s View of Buddha Dharma: “caring for bees” is a noble karmic act of the Pāramitā (Perfection) of Metta (loving kindness)

Thangka artist Angeli Shkonda has painted stunning Tara paintings in the Karma Gadri tradition for ten years.

21 Taras Surya Gupta Thanka — stunning art by Angeli Lhadripa Shkonda: interview featuring 21 Tara closeups

A monk holds the hand of a deceased person found on a train platform in China.

“Learning how to die” and “Why Meditating on Death May Bring Joy to Life”: What the Buddhist Teachers Say About End of Life, Dying, and Palliative Care

For the weekend, during Nyung Nye we undertake the eight precepts of a monastic. Normally lay people only observe the first five.

The Emptiness of Prayer—Who Do We Pray To? “You and the Buddha are not separate realities.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

Tibetan monks are celebrating a ceremony beneath the bodhi tree

Bodhi Day and Awakening to Dharma — celebrated on anniversary of Shakyamuni Gautauma Buddha’s Enlightenment

Guanyin Bodhisattva — Kuan Yin or Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig — is synonomous with Metta (loving kindness) and Karuna (compassion.)

Metta meditation in times of crisis: “we all have a responsibility to exercise compassion” (Dalai Lama)

A young monk plays a drum at Tawang Togya festival at a temple in Arunachel Pradesh India.

Drumming for Mindfulness — a simple way to calm the mind, remove stress and heal. Studies show drum meditation supports treatments of cancer, Parkinsons and depression.

The complex visualizations required in Vajrayana meditative methods, which can include holding detailed images for long periods of time, dramatically and immediately improve cognitive ability according to research from NUS.

Science: Research Indicates Vajrayana Meditation Techniques Involving Deity Visualization Improve Cognitive Performance and May Be Promising For Degenerative Brain Disorders

Zasep Tulku Rinpoche answering questions after  Mahamudra teachings  in Owen Sound.

Mindfulness of Feelings Meditation: Overcoming Negative Feelings and Using Discriminating Alertness of Feelings in Your Practice: Mahamudra Teachings


Video: Did Buddha Suggest a Vegetarian Lifestyle? 5 Buddhist Teachings Recommending Vegetarianism.


Padmasambhava: The Eight Great Qualities of Taking Refuge; Taking Refuge in the Three Precious Jewels, the Defining Practice of Buddhism, and How it Can Rescue Us From All Dangers.

Buddha-Weekly-Feature image Metta and Karuna Love and Compassion teaching video with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche-Buddhism

Video teaching: Metta and Karuna, the “most important” Buddhist practices of Love and Compassion, from H.E. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

Close up detail of book cover for Allow Joy into Our Hearts by Rebecca Li.

Buddhist Practice: Practicing Joy in Difficult Times — Excerpt from Rebecca Li’s Allow Joy into Your Heart

Buddha taught many methods to help us find our inner peace, including the Six Paramitas.

Top 7 Buddhist Ideas for You to Develop Inner Transcendent Peace: Buddha Nature, Six Paramitas, Mindfulness and More

Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche blessed this dog at the end of a Medicine Buddha Retreat in Owen Sound in April 2016. After the event he played with the fifteen-month old pup. Zasep Rinpoche teaches,  "We must not hurt other people and animals."

Dog and Cat Dharma: Did Buddha Teach That Dogs and Cats Have Buddha Nature? How Can You Help Your Companion Meet the Dharma in Daily Life?

Dog sitting in front of a Buddha statue in Thailand.

A Dog’s Guide to Enlightenment — dogs embody many Buddhist principles and have Buddha Nature

Chinese Buddhist Hungry Ghost Festival is usually in August in Buddhism.

Ghosts, Nagas, Demons and Duality: Are Supernatural Beings Cogenerated, Illusory, Dream or Ultimately Real?

Shaolin kung fu is almost synomous with Buddhist monastic discipline.

“Dharma in motion”: Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhist Tantra and Zen have as much in common with martial arts as religion?

Dharma practice, and Loving Kindness (Metta Karuna) practice are the key antidote for anger — the biggest obstacle in Buddhist practice.

A Wheel With Eight Spokes: Why Picking and Choosing “Beliefs” — or “Revisionist” Buddha Dhama — Can Obstruct Your Buddhist Practice

Keanu Reeves stars as Shakyamuni Buddha in the movie Little Buddha

Switch Up from Studying: Buddhist Feature Films Can be Illuminating and Enjoyable: 6 Distinctly Different Movies

Buddha gives precious teachings to the Bhikkus.

A Better Way to Catch a Snake Sutra: Buddha explains the danger of misinterpreting the Dharma

Shakyamuni Buddha passes into Paranirvana after decades of teaching.

Why Contemplating Death Can Help You Live Happier? 5 Ways Meditation on Death Can be Life-Changing

Compassion and Loving Kindness are teachings of the Buddha that are helpful to people suffering from depression.

Buddhist Teachings Which May Help with Clinical Depression, Focusing on the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Five Precepts

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