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    In Mahayana Buddhism, why is Green Jambhala the most important and prominent of the Enlightened Wealth Deities? Why is Green Jambhala’s activity so important to accomplishing Dharma merit? Why is Green Jambhala the speediest of the five Jambhalas?



    00:00 Introduction, and about Green Jambhala
    00:59 The Karma Family: Amoghasiddhi, Tara, Green Jambhala
    03:40 Combining all Enlightened Activities in One
    04:44 How to visualize Green Jambhala
    08:00 How to offer to Green Jambhala
    09:09 Mantra of Green Jambhala Om
    09:26 Meaning of the Mantra
    10:01 Seed syllable Ah and mantra of Amoghasiddhi Buddha
    10:41 How-to encourage wealth and practice


    We rely on Green Jambhala for the same reason that we turn to Green Tara to save us when we are in trouble. Both are speedy, with their windy karma activity aspects.

    For this reason, we can rely on Green Jambhala to help us create opportunities for good Karma, merit, and the resulting prosperity. This is, as with all Karma activity Enlightened Deities, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    The Karma Buddha Family of Amoghasiddhi and Tara and Green Jambhala are all about virtuous activities to accomplish the benefit of sentient beings.

    What is the purpose of wealth in terms of Dharma? The purpose is not luxury and carefree living. The purpose is the mission of noble Dharma activities and helping all sentient beings. We share our wealth, and share the Dharma, and share our knowledge for the benefit of sentient beings.If we do this, acting with generosity, we embody the activities of the Green Karma family.

    This is the Buddha Family dedicated to Enlightened Activities of Generosity, to help us overcome our Jealousy, Greed and Attachments. Green Jambhala and Wisdom Dakini will be sure to respond to our requests and mantras if offered with a pure intention of helping all sentient beings.

    Green Jambhala is the most important of the Jambhalas, and the best known. Since he represents Karma activities, he accomplishes prosperity and affluence through the Karma family of Amoghasiddhi and Green Tara.

    He is an emanation of Amoghasiddhi as Green Jambhala, while his co-equal Wisdom Dakini is a greenish-blue aspect of Vasudhara or Tara. As the Karma-Family “activity” they are the most active of the Five Jambhalas, and inspire positive karma in our lives.

    As a member of the Karma Buddha family, his mantra includes the all-important word karma, which means activity.You can think of the Activity couple of Jambhala and Vasudhara as Air and Earth. Jambhala represents the windy karma activity of Amoghasiddhi, while the Wisdom Mother is none other than Vasudhara or Mother Earth, who is also Tara in a green-blue aspect.
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    CREDITS: and citation for description of Green Jambhala quoting Jeff Watt.
    Art courtesy of Vajrayana Print on Etsy
    and Enlightenment Thangka:
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