Dharma Dates

Buddha statue against a full moon. Lunar calendar is very important in Buddhism, with most major events celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

Lunar Dharma Dates for 2024: Buddha Days, Recurring Puja Days, Annual Celebrations in Three Buddhist Traditions

Chod practice with Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche, Samje Djedren Ani Gompa in Nepal, 2014.

Tsog (Tsok): What is it? Why is the Offering Important? When to Celebrate?

Buddha statue against a full moon.

Clearing the Confusion on Lunar Dates: How, When, and Why to Celebrate These Sacred Lunar Days in 2024


Dakini Days in 2024: Celebrating the Wisdom Activity of the Enlightened Dakinis

Happy Tara Day!

HAPPY TARA DAY! 2024 Tara Days: How, When, and Why we Celebrate the Mother of the Buddhas


Guru Rinpoche Days in 2024: Celebrating the Lotus Born Padmasambhava Monthly with Tsog

Black Mahakala is the most iconic of the wrathful Enlightened Deities. He is a ferocious emanation of the Buddha of Compassion Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig.

Understanding the Significance of Dharma Protector Day in Vajrayana Buddhism: the “Guardian Angels” of Dharma

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