Dharma Dates for August 2022: Lord Buddha’s First Teaching and Lord Ksitigarbha’s Birthday and much more to celebrate: lunar to western calendar conversion

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    During August, 2022, there are many meritorious Dharma Dates to celebrate, including one of the four larger Shakyamuni Buddha celebrations. On the four Holy Days of Shakyamuni Buddha, your merit is multiplied, especially if practiced with Bodhichitta, Metta (love), and Karuna (compassion). Please see our updated annual Dharma Calendar here>>

    August Dharma Dates annual 2022



    Shakyamuni Buddha’s First Teaching — August 1

    The most important day is Monday, August 1, 2022, the celebration of Shakyamuni Buddha’s first teaching (Chokhor Duchen), and Sangha Day!  “On these holy days, the power of any meritorious action is multiplied by 100 million, as taught in the vinaya text Treasure of Quotations and Logic.” — Lama Zopa

    Buddha Weekly Ksitigarbha with wish fulfilling gem Buddhism
    The glorious and compassionate Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha — the wish-fulfilling gem. He is especially beloved because of his role as the Bodhisattva who visited the “hell realms” to rescue suffering beings.

    Ksitigarbha’s Birthday Anniversary — August 26

    On August 26 (on the western calendar, converted from lunar 30th day of the 7th month) we celebrate the glorious savior Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. [For an extensive feature on Ksitigarbha, see>>]


    obon festival japan
    Obon Festival Ancestor Day Japan.

    Obon (or Bon) — Ancestor Day August 13

    Lineage is important in many Buddhist traditions — not only teaching and sutra lineages, but also ancestor lineages.

    Obon (お盆) or Bon () is the Japanese Buddhist annual festival to honor the spirits of the ancestors. This Buddhist tradition began as an ancestral tradition to visit and clean family graves. The custom began more than 500 years and often includes a dance, known as Bon Odori.

    Even for those who do not, by custom, follow this tradition, this is a day — in lunar tradition — that spirits return to visit relatives. Setting out a table with food and incense for the loved-ones who have passed to their next lives is a worthy celebration for anyone.


    Buddha Weekly August Dharma Dates 2022 Buddhism
    Buddha Dharma Dates for August 2022 — from the home page of Buddha Weekly (near the footer)>>


    Recurring Monthly Lunar Practice Dates

    Each month, in Tibetan Buddhism, we celebrate with extra offerings and celebrations on several auspicious and meritorious puja or offering days:


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