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Wealth Deities: Generating Karma for Prosperity by Practicing Generosity. How to Reconcile Renunciation with Wealth Practices in Buddhism.

Lama Atisha, the revered lama and Mahasiddha, came across an old man, dying of starvation in Bodghaya. Lama Atisha offered his own flesh, cut from his body, to save the old man. But the old man said, “How can I eat a monk’s flesh?” Lama Atisha felt helpless in the face of...
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Padmasambhava: The Eight Great Qualities of Taking Refuge; Taking Refuge in the Three Precious Jewels, the Defining Practice of Buddhism, and How it Can Rescue Us From All Dangers.

"It is necessary to cut the misconception of thinking that it is enough to take refuge once in awhile. You should take refuge again and again, both day and night." — Guru Rinpoche The ultimate protector practice in Buddhism is Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels. We take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma...
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Why is Maha Rakta Ganapati recommended by some Buddhist Teachers as the remover of obstacles, the protector of prosperity?

Why is Maha Rakta Ganapati recommended by Buddhist Teachers as the remover of obstacles — the protector of prosperity? What makes Ganapati a spiritual superstar? Why is Ganesha so loved around the world? In Buddhism, what makes his practice unique and powerful? We answer these questions and more in this in-depth feature....
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Hayagriva Buddha Documentary: Why is Hayagriva recommended by Buddhist Teachers in difficult times?

What's so special about Hayagriva Buddha? Why is Hayagriva recommended to students by Buddhist Teachers — in these difficult times? Why is this most Wrathful Heruka Emanation of Amitabha Buddha so effective today? What is the origin story of this fascinating and ferocious Buddha? Hayagriva was the main practice of Buddha Padmasambhava...
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Video — Buddhist Renunciation: Part 1 of a Three Principal Paths of Buddhism from Venerable Zasep Rinpoche

In this short 20-minute video, Venerable Zasep Rinpoche provides clear and down-to-earth guidance on Buddhist Renunciation, one of the Three Principal Paths of Buddhism. [For more on the Three Principal Paths, see>>] It's not what you think, no need to shave your head and head to the cave.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9FOlvh3Tws&t=1155s   Venerable...
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Buddhist Ganesha: popular Ganapati’s many forms include enlightened Yidam, protector, and “bringer of success”…

Buddhist Ganesha's appeal is wide-reaching, not just amongst the spiritual. Ganesh tatoos and t-shirts are very popular worldwide. There is, a "life-affirming" quality about his image, even for the non-religious. Ganesha has star power. He even appears in brands, marketing, pop culture and fashion. And, of course, "Ganesha, also known as Ganapati...
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Mala: “Just for counting” or “Profound sacred practice”? A Buddhist Guide to Practicing with a Mala: Mantras, Blessings, Reverence, Color, Power, and Profound Realizations

What is a mala? Why is a mala special? What difference does it make how many beads, the size of beads or the color? Does a mala have to be blessed? How do you use it? Ask a Zen or Chan Buddhist, and the practitioner casually say, "It's just for counting, nothing...
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Video: 21 Praises Tara Chanted Beautifully in English with Stunning Art by VV Sapar and Ben Christian

BEAUTIFUL ENGLISH 21 PRAISES TO TARA in equal beats with a lovely melody and stunning art by Ben Christian for Green Tara and V.V. Sapar for the 21 Taras. Praise to the Mantra: Homage to Tara the Swift and Courageous, You drive away all our fears with TUTTARE, Saviouress fulfilling all aims...
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Why is pride a poison — and overcoming ego with the wisdom of Equality; practicing Ratnasambhava and the Ambhattha Sutra

One day, Buddha came across the "untouchable" Nadhi carrying excrement. Nadhi tried to avoid the Buddha — out of respect, as was the custom — but Buddha intercepted the modest man. In a panic, Nadhi spilled the excrement. Buddha, with the wisdom of "equality" helped the man rise, daring not only to...
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Video teaching: Metta and Karuna, the “most important” Buddhist practices of Love and Compassion, from H.E. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

Metta and Karuna — Love and Compassion, respectively — are two of the three foundations of Buddhist practice. The third is "Shunyata", the wisdom of Emptiness. Loving Kindness and Compassion has been called, together, the "most important practice" in Buddhism. In this short teaching video, H.E. Venerable Acharya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche answers...
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Mother Tara’s many-armed protective embrace: 21 Taras according to Surya Gupta — with 8 videos and mantras and stunning art

There's something very precious and special about Tara, the protective Mother, adored by millions around the world. Her energy is, at its root, wisdom — the female Enlightened Buddha. Tara is as approachable as our own mothers. She embodies the same protective traits, but not just protector: like a mother, she is...
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Interview: Author of Allow Joy into Our Hearts, Chan Dharma Teacher Rebecca Li, Ph.D.

Rebecca Li, Ph.D. is a Chan Buddhist Dharma teacher and founder of the Chan Dharma Community. In her new book Allow Joy into Our Hearts she takes on the question of how to "find ways to allow joy, kindness, and generosity to fill our hearts in the midst of suffering. Read a...
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Buddha Weekly’s Special Section

Tara, Mother of all Buddhas

Loving face of the Mother of All Buddhas Green Tara. Detail from art by Ben Christian.
Karma Mother

How does Tara Help?

Tara, like any Mother, is ready to jump to our aid, even in mundane areas of life. She is the “practical Buddha” — the “Karma Mother” — the Buddha most active in our lives. Her Sanskrit name translates as “a star by which to navigate” — and like a star, she is always with us whenever we look for her.

Tara 6 Tara Victorious Over Three Worlds Trailokya Vijaya Tara.
Tara on YouTube

21 Taras Mantra Video Playlist

An entire playlist of every one of the mantras for the 21 Taras. Don't miss the amazing Tara mantra chanting of Yoko Dharma for the each Tara of the 21 Taras according to Surya Gupta lineage. One video with many repetitions and visualized images for each Tara. The final video is the English-translated 21 Praises to Tara sung in English.

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