HAPPY VESAK DAY (May 5, 2023) May All Beings Benefit.

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    Vesak is a day for extra practice, offerings, and meritorious deeds such as giving. Vesak — Buddha’s birthday!

    Happy Vesak Day celebrating Buddha Buddha Weekly
    Happy Vesak Day


    On this day we celebrate Buddha’s Life and Teachings. (In 2023 on May 5). During his extraordinary life, he gave 80,000 teachings (by tradition) recording the form of Suttas (Sutra in Sanskrit). According to scholars and archeologists, these are the verifiable events of Buddha’s life:

    563 B.C. Siddartha’s Birth in Lumbini Nepal
    548 B.C. Siddartha’s marriage to Yasodhara
    534 B.C. Buddha sees the four sights: Suffering
    534 B.C. Siddartha leaves home
    533 B.C. Siddartha Meditates in Magadha
    532-5238 B.C. Siddartha the Ascetic
    528 B.C. Siddartha risks death at Varanasi
    528 B.C. Awakening at Bodh Gaya
    528 B.C. First Teaching at Sarnath
    528-483 B.C. A lifetime of teachings, Turning the Wheel
    483 B.C. Paranirvana at Kusinagara, Malla



    May all beings benefit.

    Giff is a scene from @BuddhaWeekly video Stumbling on the Buddha (below)


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