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The 16 Defilements of the Mind, and the Simile of the Cloth: Vitthupama Sutta

Purification of mind is a critical practice in all schools and lineages of Buddhism. In the Vatthupama Sutta [full translation in English below] Buddha explains the concept with the simile of the stained cloth: "Monks, suppose a cloth were clean and bright, and a dyer dipped it in some dye or other,...
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What’s so special about Hayagriva? In difficult times the wrathful Heruka emanation of Amitabha is an important Buddhist practice

"Whoever, including even the insects, has heard the name and mantra of Hayagriva only one time will never again fall into the lower paths." — Sutra of Forming Hayagriva [6] Supreme Mantra of Hayagriva chanted The Supreme Mantra of Hayagriva chanted in the original transmitted language of Sanskrit 108 Times (for details...
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Book Review: Tara in the Palm of Your Hand: a guide to the practice of the twenty-one Taras in the Surya Gupta lineage

"Tara is without a doubt the most beloved female deity in Tibetan Buddhism, revered for her swiftness in helping those who rely on her... Of all the Buddhas, Tara is the most accessible." — from Tara in the palm of your hand, Venerable Zasep Rinpoche For Tibetan Buddhists, Tara is among the most of popular meditational...
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Research: Meditation Benefits Students With Enhanced Intelligence, Reduce Stress, Improved Academic Performance

Student life can be very demanding, but that doesn't mean that students should let stress and anxiety take over. Sometimes college experience conjures up pictures of sleepless nights before exams, at other times – nonstop partying. Regardless, many students use college as an opportunity to explore a new, healthy lifestyle that they...
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Buddhist Teachings Which May Help with Clinical Depression, Focusing on the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Five Precepts

Buddha taught the truth of suffering — a truth not unfamiliar to those who suffer from depression. He also taught a simple, non-religious method to treat our suffering.  Some of us, who might not be "clinically" depressed — or might have symptoms of depression due to Covid-19 or other stresses — might...
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Mama Buddha Tara: Compassionate Action; Stories of Green Tara the Rescuer — How She Can Help You

"Tara is without doubt the most beloved female deity in Tibetan Buddhism, revered for her swiftness in helping those who rely on her. She has been described as a Buddha for our modern age, a sublime personification of compassion and wisdom in female form at a time when sorrow and suffering seem...
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Laughter — the Best Medicine: What the Dalai Lama and Patch Adams Have in Common

Have you noticed how the Dalai Lama projects authority through laughter, with his charming chuckle and warm smile at every stop, in every situation? He's always ready with the joke that makes large crowds gasp for breath as they laugh. This isn't just an act of empathy with the people around him....
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Akkosa Sutra — How Buddha dealt with insults and hate; advice that transcends the centuries

The gist of this amazing sutra teaching from Buddha? If I don't accept your insults — it belongs to you, not to me. It's all on you. You sent the hatred, insult, and prejudice outwards — and yikes, it bounced right back at you, because — guess what — Buddhists can be...
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Scientific Buddhist: Healing meditation, prayer and mantras? Do they work — according to research? Can we turn to mantras for help?

Do you feel silly when you turn to “mantras” for healing? Do you think meditation is healthy but not necessarily healing? Does it seem impossible to expect results from meditating on the Medicine Buddha? To chant or not to chant? — that is the question. To Pray or not to pray? To...
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Why Buddha Nature is one of the most important understandings in Mahayana Buddhism and why Tathagatagarbha Buddha Nature is not the soul

“All beings are Buddhas, But obscured by incidental stains. When those have been removed, there is Buddhahood.” — Third Karmapa Rangjun Dorje [4] Buddha Nature (Buddha Dhatu) is one of the most important and inspirational foundation understandings in Mahayana Buddhism — possibly the most important. The symbol of the Lotus — while...
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What is Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryavatara? Interview Geshe Sherab: “Patience and Bodhicitta mind with elaborate reasoning and impeccable logic”

Scholar and teacher Geshe Serab, in an interview with Buddha Weekly, explains why Śāntideva's masterpiece Bodhicaryavatara — the Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life — is a timeless and vastly important text for Mahayana Buddhists. Written around 700 AD in Sanskrit verse by the great Mahasiddha Śāntideva, it has become one...
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Tara Principle: Wisdom, Compassion and Activity — the “practical” Karma Mother active in our daily, real-world lives

Why is Tara so beloved among Mahayana Buddhists? Why do we turn to Green Tara first, when we need help? Even an advanced yogi who practices a profound Yidam is likely to call out to Tara first in times of need, stress, or fear. It is easy to understand why. Tara, like...
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Buddha Weekly’s Special Section

Tara, Mother of all Buddhas

Loving face of the Mother of All Buddhas Green Tara. Detail from art by Ben Christian.
Karma Mother

How does Tara Help?

Tara, like any Mother, is ready to jump to our aid, even in mundane areas of life. She is the “practical Buddha” — the “Karma Mother” — the Buddha most active in our lives. Her Sanskrit name translates as “a star by which to navigate” — and like a star, she is always with us whenever we look for her.

Tara 6 Tara Victorious Over Three Worlds Trailokya Vijaya Tara.
Tara on YouTube

21 Taras Mantra Video Playlist

An entire playlist of every one of the mantras for the 21 Taras. Don't miss the amazing Tara mantra chanting of Yoko Dharma for the each Tara of the 21 Taras according to Surya Gupta lineage. One video with many repetitions and visualized images for each Tara. The final video is the English-translated 21 Praises to Tara sung in English.

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