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Switch Up from Studying: Buddhist Feature Films Can be Illuminating and Enjoyable: 6 Distinctly Different Movies

Sitting in the lotus position, focused on breath and not thinking about anything — that's true Buddhist serenity. For those times when you need a break from practice, these six profound films are sure to distract you from your worries and help you tune into serenity. By Carrie Duncan [Bio below.]  ...
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Scientific Buddhist: Peer Reviewed Studies — Buddhist Metta Loving Kindness Meditation Can Slow Aging —10 Benefits of Compassion

In two recent Buddha Weekly advice videos, teacher Zasep Tulku Rinpoche explained that mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness meditations were among the best therapies for bereavement, stress, cognitive issues, memory loss, and even Alzheimer's. (Bereavement Video>> and Cognitive Video>>) Perhaps not surprisingly, peer-reviewed medical studies may corroborate this claim made by Buddhists for...
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Tsa Lung Trul Khor, Yantra Yoga and Qigong — supercharging Buddhist meditation (7 videos)

Tsa Lung Trul Khor is an ancient practice with a 4,000-year lineage that works with the “breath” and the energetic subtle body. With similar benefits to health as Chi Gong (Qigong) — the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Trul Khor is profound — in a spiritual sense — since subtle mind rides on...
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Sutra in Forty-Two Sections — excerpts of timeless wisdom and practice advice from the World Honoured One

This sutra contains many favorite gems: "You should be mindful of the four elements within the body. Though each has a name, none of them is the self. Since they are not the self, they are like an illusion." "When you see someone who is practicing giving, aid him joyfully, and you...
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A Better Way to Catch a Snake Sutra: Buddha explains the danger of misinterpreting the Dharma

In this age of "fake news" it's interesting to note that "fake teachings" are a recurring theme in the Buddhist Sutras, especially in the Sutras featuring a Bhikshu named Arittha. A better word, might be "misinterpreted" teachings. Today, the viral nature of social media propigates various interpretations of the Buddha's teaching — especially with regard...
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Nidana Sutta: Buddha Teaches the Three Causes for the Origination of Actions — Greed, Aversion, and Delusion: Sutra

Shakyamuni Buddha taught the path to freedom from suffering (Pali, Dukkha, Sanskrit Duhkha), beginning with the causes of our suffering. In his first teaching on the Four Noble Truths, he taught "three types of suffering are distinguished: they result, respectively, from pain, such as old age, sickness, and death." [For more on...
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Vajrayogini, enlightened wisdom queen, leads us to bliss, clear light and emptiness, despite modern obstacles

Vajrayogini has been called the "Buddha for our times." Many of the great Mahasiddhas, such as Naropa, attained realizations through her practice. There's an old Tibetan saying: "Practicing any Buddha is practicing all Buddhas." The great Atisha, when he first came to Tibet, was horrified to find Tibetans practicing many deities at...
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Tara, the Saviour, and Vajrayogini the Sarvabuddhadakini: how are they different, and how are they the one? The importance of Female Buddhas: Wisdom personified

Vajrayogini “is the original and prototypical female Buddha of the Tantric pantheon… compassionate, all-knowing, and supremely blissful… Vajrayogini reigns supreme as the Sarvabuddhadakini, ‘Dakini Whose Essence is That of All Buddhas.’” [2] On the other hand, Tara appears as the Divine Mother, the Female Buddha who can save sentient beings — who...
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Veneration Practice and Devotion According to the Ksitigarbha Sutra: Why Devotion is Not Superstition

Editor: In a special feature, author Eddie Sobenes explores The Sutra of the Fundamental Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, emphasizing the differences between the meritorious karma activity of "devotion" versus "superstition." In the Chinese Buddhist Canon, there are three Ksitigarbha[1] Sutras.  In this essay, I will discuss the one known as The Sutra...
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Exclusive: read two chapters from international bestselling author David Michie’s new Tibetan Buddhist thriller “The Secret Mantra”

Editor: Many are familiar with David Michie's international bestsellers, including his wonderful The Dalai Lama's Cat series and numerous books on mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism (now in over 25 languages). One of my personal favorites is the thriller The Magician of Lhasa, an epic thriller spanning decades, and seamlessly blending the adventures...
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Why Contemplating Death Can Help You Live Happier? 5 Ways Meditation on Death Can be Life-Changing

In Western culture, most people are afraid to think or talk about death. Death has become a symbolic hypothesis that no one discusses until the time comes. But what if I told you that death in itself is not scary? What if I told you that thinking about it could make you...
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An Introduction to the Stages of the Path: Atisha’s “A Lamp for the Path of Enlightenment” and “Foundation of All Good Qualities” by Lama Je Tsong Khapa

An Introduction to the Stages of the Path Teachings A little over a thousand years ago, a king in Tibet saw the decline of Buddhism in his homeland and decided to invite a great scholar from India, by the name of Atisha, to his country. When Atisha arrived in Tibet, he saw...
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Buddha Weekly’s Special Section

Tara, Mother of all Buddhas

Loving face of the Mother of All Buddhas Green Tara. Detail from art by Ben Christian.
Karma Mother

How does Tara Help?

Tara, like any Mother, is ready to jump to our aid, even in mundane areas of life. She is the “practical Buddha” — the “Karma Mother” — the Buddha most active in our lives. Her Sanskrit name translates as “a star by which to navigate” — and like a star, she is always with us whenever we look for her.

Tara 6 Tara Victorious Over Three Worlds Trailokya Vijaya Tara.
Tara on YouTube

21 Taras Mantra Video Playlist

An entire playlist of every one of the mantras for the 21 Taras. Don't miss the amazing Tara mantra chanting of Yoko Dharma for the each Tara of the 21 Taras according to Surya Gupta lineage. One video with many repetitions and visualized images for each Tara. The final video is the English-translated 21 Praises to Tara sung in English.

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