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Can Buddhism Continue to Flourish as the World’s Second Largest Spiritual Path as the Current Lineage Teachers Begin to Slow Down and Retire?

Buddhism may have grown to the second largest spiritual path worldwide, with 1.6 billion followers according to some experts, but can this be sustained? (Story on "Buddhism Second Largest" here>>) The current great teachers and lineage holders are aging, slowing down, retiring, and, ultimately, must pass on. It's an issue that concerns...
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Video Advice from the Buddhist Teachers on Bereavement: Advice for Someone Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One.

In the second of a new video series, Venerable Acharya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche answers a question from a student about loss of a loved one: What advice would you give for a student who is dealing with the loss of a loved one? Venerable Zasep Rinpoche is spiritual director of many temples, meditation centres...
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Part 2 Interview: Alejandro Anastasio, Martial Arts and Dharma Teacher, Sees a Special Relationship Between Martial Arts and Buddhism: Dharma in Action

In part one of our interview with dynamic Dharma Teacher AlejAndro Anastasio, he revealed how he came to Buddhism, how martial arts influenced his practice, and how mhe met his own teacher Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. (Part 1 of this interview here>>) As we continued to speak, AlejAndro —the director of the...
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Heart Sutra: Why it’s My Favorite Sutra

“Form is empty; emptiness is form. Emptiness is not other than form; form also is not other than emptiness. Likewise, feeling, discrimination, compositional factors and consciousness are empty.” TADYATHA OM GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SVAHA By Guest Contributor James Porr   Anita Mui, much beloved, sings Heart Sutra. Anita, has since...
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Advice from the Teachers: How do we purify negative karma? Do you have advice for people confused by karma?

In the first of a new video series, Venerable Acharya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche answers a question from a student about Karma: Do you have any advice for people who are confused about karma? How do we purify negative karma?   Transcript of Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinoche's answer on the question of Karma. Okay,...
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One Hand Speaks: Dharma Teacher AlejAndro Anastasio Speaks with Buddha Weekly About His Life as an Authorized Vajrayana Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Martial Artist and One-Handed Superhero

When Alejandro Anastasio was a child, he wanted to grow up to be a Jedi Knight. Instead, he grew into a popular inspirational speaker, Buddhist teacher and martial artist. Luke Skywalker would be proud. As AlejAndro says, on his website, "You can do a lot with one hand!" He likes to joke "need...
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What’s Your Karmic Net Worth? Avoid Compound Negative Karmic Interest with Vajrasattva Mantra and Four Opponent Powers.

Negative karma earns a sort of "compound interest" that rapidly accumulates if you don't purify daily — not just ordinary interest, but usury levels a loan shark could appreciate. Even if you are generous and create endless merit each day, negative Karma can still — to use our analogy — bring us...
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May all beings have happiness and its causes! Wishing you a healthy and peaceful Holiday and New Year from Buddha Weekly.

May all beings have happiness and its causes, May they never have suffering or its causes. May they constantly dwell in joy transcending sorrow; May they dwell in equal love for both near and far. Shakyamuni Buddha, Metta Sutra "This is what should be done By one who is skilled in goodness,...
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The Lightning Path of Buddhism: The Power of Yidams

Guest Contributor: Bhagat Bhandari Note: This is a personal perspective of the author. What is the purpose of Vajrayana practice? Purifying one’s impure perception of all appearances and experiences.” —— His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche the Third Yidam practice is a teacher-guided method on the vajra "lightning path" to enlightenment, Vajrayana. In this important path,...
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Mantra Part 2: Good Vibrations — Mantras in Buddhist Practice “Of what is the body made? Of emptiness and rhythm.” How does mantra work?

"Of what is the body made?" asked George Leonard in The Silent Pulse. "It is made of emptiness and rhythm." He went on to describe how science views matter: "We can see the fully crystalline structures of muscle fiber, waving like wheat in the wind, pulsing many trillions of times a second....
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Interview: Yoko Dharma’s Buddhist-Influenced Music Rouses Compassion; Her Divine Voice Touches People; Music “inspired by teachings of the Buddha and my precious Guru”

Yoko Dharma is best known for her divine voice and evocative musical Buddhist mantras (previously released as Treasury of Jewels available here>>). A soon-to-be-produced, more "mainstream" album — never-the-less influenced by Buddhism and her teacher — and produced by well-known producer Marty Rifkin, we requested an interview with Yoko. Brilliantly vocalized tracks from her new...
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Which Type of Meditation Suits You Best: Instructional Infographic explains why a Regular Habit of Meditation is Good For You, and How to Do It.

Meditation isn’t just for Buddhists, and it isn't just for once-a-year retreats. Like exercise, meditation, if a regular habit, is literally "good for you." Numerous peer-reviewed medical and psychology studies can't be wrong. There are at least 20 benefits relating to health alone.(For an in-depth feature on the 10 top researched and peer-review...
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Buddha Weekly’s Special Section

Tara, Mother of all Buddhas

Loving face of the Mother of All Buddhas Green Tara. Detail from art by Ben Christian.
Karma Mother

How does Tara Help?

Tara, like any Mother, is ready to jump to our aid, even in mundane areas of life. She is the “practical Buddha” — the “Karma Mother” — the Buddha most active in our lives. Her Sanskrit name translates as “a star by which to navigate” — and like a star, she is always with us whenever we look for her.

Tara 6 Tara Victorious Over Three Worlds Trailokya Vijaya Tara.
Tara on YouTube

21 Taras Mantra Video Playlist

An entire playlist of every one of the mantras for the 21 Taras. Don't miss the amazing Tara mantra chanting of Yoko Dharma for the each Tara of the 21 Taras according to Surya Gupta lineage. One video with many repetitions and visualized images for each Tara. The final video is the English-translated 21 Praises to Tara sung in English.

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