Buddha Weekly’s First Music Video: Devotional Amitabha Mantra Dharani Chanting (5 minute version HD)

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    Buddhist devotional chanting of the Dharani of Amitabha, Buddha of Long Life and Light. Thanks to our supporting members, the first two Mantra albums and first mantra music video are live on Apple Music, Vevo, Tidal, Youtube, Spotify and everywhere music is streamed or watched! Thank you to our dear supporting members who make this possible!


    Also known as Sarvatathāgatāyurvajrahṛdaya-dhāraṇī and often incorrectly labeled the Amitayus Dharani — here, beautifully chanted by Buddha Weekly with the Amitabha root mantra 7 times, and then, the long Dharani.

    Namo ratnatrayāya

    Nama āryāmitābhāya

    tathāgatāyārhate saṃyaksaṃbuddhāya

    Tadyathā: oṃ amṛte amṛtodbhave

    amṛtasaṃbhave amṛtagarbhe

    amṛtasiddhe amṛtateje

    amṛtavikrānte amṛtavikrāntagāmini


    mṛtadun-dubhisvare sarvārthasādhani

    sarvakarmakleśakṣayaṃkari svāhā

    Aum, brum, hum

    In English (more or less): Homage to the Three Jewels, Homage to the noble Amitabha (Infinite Light), to the Tathāgata, the Arhat, the completely and perfectly awakened one (samyaksambuddha). Thus: Oṃ O immortality (amrta), O maker of immortality! O born of immortality! O essence/embryo (garbha) of immortality! O immortality perfecting one! O the brilliance (teja) of immortality! O he who goes beyond immortality! O he who goes beyond immortality and whose glory is infinite as the sky (amṛtagaganakīrtikare) O sound of the drum of immortality realizing (sadhane) benefit for all. O he who destroys (ksayam) all karmic afflictions. Hail!

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    Lee Kane

    Author | Buddha Weekly

    Lee Kane is the editor of Buddha Weekly, since 2007. His main focuses as a writer are mindfulness techniques, meditation, Dharma and Sutra commentaries, Buddhist practices, international perspectives and traditions, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Zen. He also covers various events.
    Lee also contributes as a writer to various other online magazines and blogs.

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