Buddha's miracle of flames and water.

Miracles of Buddha: With the approach of Buddha’s 15 Days of Miracles, we celebrate 15 separate miracles of Buddha, starting with Ratana Sutta: Buddha purifies pestilence.

Home retreat may be an ideal practice during times of social isolation.

How a Home Retreat Helps Busy People Manage Time and Save Money; How to Do It, and Why it is Necessary

A Buddhist nun meditating during full moon festival at Shwedagon Pagoda. In Buddhism, women are the equal of men in their ability to achieve spiritual attainments.

Soma Sutta: Sister Soma gets the better of Mara — what difference does being a woman make in Buddhism? None

Rinpoche's sense of humour and anecdotes engages his students.

Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche: A big smile, easy humor, unforgettable teachings

The much revered Guru Lama Yeshe. The second st

Why is Following a Guru Difficult to Accept in the West? Why is it Important for Vajrayana Practitioners to Find an Enlightened Teacher?

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