Part 3 of recovery series: finding your niche; advice for those in recovery who seek employment

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    Adam Cook returns with Part 3 in his series on addiction and recovery.

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    Buddhists emphasize meditation and mind in many practices, in part, to help us overcome attachments. Whether it’s addiction, or repetitive behaviours and attachments, destructive cravings are a major issue in today’s stress-filled world. Addiction-recovery is a difficult time. Special contributor Adam Cook, who runs gives tips and advice on positive changes that can be made to re-enforce. Although not specifically a Buddhist topic, we thought it was an important series — especially with his focus on helpful suggestions for those coping with recovery from addiction. DISCLAIMER: Please always seek the advice of professionals.

    Finding Your Niche: Advice for those in recovery seeking employment

    By Adam Cook

    If you’ve sought help for addiction, you know that getting the treatment you need and beginning life in recovery is just part of the process. Your return to the day-to-day world is fraught with challenges and temptations. One of your first challenges is to find gainful employment and begin earning a steady income, a process that can take time and could be more difficult than you realize. While you’re sending out resumes, networking, and interviewing, you still need to find some means of generating income to pay bills and keep up with living expenses. It can be overwhelming, and it often takes a little creativity, but there are plenty of opportunities to earn money on the side while you’re getting your life back on course.

    Go Gigging

    The gig economy has become a major force in the job market and the nation’s economy. In fact, more than one-third of all American workers are engaged in the gig economy. It’s ideal for someone looking for gainful part-time work or something they can do from home and on their own schedule. There’s really no limit to what you can do as a gigger, and the more skills and experience you have, the more likely you are to find a niche that’s right for you.


    Buddha Weekly Gig Economy Buddhism


    Four-Legged Friends

    If you love being around animals, the gig economy has some great opportunities. Pet sitting and dog walking are two of the hottest options in the gig economy. Busy professionals need reliable and flexible people to watch after their dogs and cats during long workdays and when they’re traveling for business. These are ideal gigs for anyone who loves being around furry friends and appreciates the unconditional love they offer.


Making Music

    Parents are always looking for music teachers who can help their children learn to play the piano, saxophone, guitar, drums, and more at affordable rates and on a flexible schedule. If you can play an instrument and enjoy passing along your skill and knowledge, teaching music is a great gig and an ideal way to make money while you’re in recovery and have fun while you’re doing it.

    Driving for Dollars

    Uber and Lyft are two of the more well-known opportunities that have arisen from the gig economy. If you have a car and a willingness to work a flexible schedule, you can make a healthy income as a “gig driver. It’s provided many people with an opportunity to work their way through school, repay debt, and get back on their feet after a job loss.

    A Permanent Gig

    The gig economy can be especially appealing in that you may find something that allows you to finally earn a living doing what you love. The gig economy can help you identify a skill or a niche that opens up a whole new vision of yourself and your aims. When you feel you’re ready to take the plunge, look for a full-time job that appeals to your new outlook. Part of the process includes preparing a resume (with a cover letter) and getting ready for the interview. Look for ways to make your resume and cover letter stand out by using online resume templates to tailor your application for the job.


    Buddha Weekly Recovery from addiction back to the workplace Buddhism


    If you’re well-prepared, you can turn a job interview into a huge advantage. Research the internet for examples of common interview questions, and create a list of your own questions to demonstrate that you’ve researched the company and are diligent about being prepared. Dress appropriately, pay attention to your hygiene, and arm yourself with any necessary paperwork, such as work samples, extra resume copies, reference letters, etc.

    There’s no need to dread job hunting. Remember, you’re marketing yourself and what you have to offer an employer, so you know best how to position yourself. Keep your eyes open as you work a gig to make ends meet. It might just be an opportunity that changes your life.

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    Adam Cook

    Author | Buddha Weekly

    Special contributor Adam Cook, who runs became involved in helping people with addiction after an experience with a loved one. Although not specifically a Buddhist topic, we thought it was an important feature — especially with his focus on helpful suggestions for those coping with addiction. Some of his suggestions work equally well with people struggling with excessive cravings.

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