Larger fish drums are often hung outside temples.

Waking up the Mind in Buddhism! The Zen of Drumming for a Wakeful Mind and Mindfulness with the Wooden Fish Drum’s Unique Sound

Mandala offerings are very active forms of veneration and meditation.

Mandala Offering: offering “everything to the Buddha” — purify karma and accumulate merit daily

For the weekend, during Nyung Nye we undertake the eight precepts of a monastic. Normally lay people only observe the first five.

The Emptiness of Prayer—Who Do We Pray To? “You and the Buddha are not separate realities.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

In Vajrayana Buddhist traditiona, teachers must be able to trace lineage unbroken back to Shakyamuni Buddha. This tankha honours both Shakyanmuni Buddha, and the great Lama Tsonkhapa.

Buddha’s Birthday: Vesak celebrated on May 26 2021 most important day of the year

The concept of clinging, suffering and karma are bound up in the cycle of rebirth in Buddhism.

Rebirth Part 2: Is There Scientific Evidence of Rebirth?

Mala's and sacred written mantras assist Buddhists in counting mantra repetitions, valuable to practice and mindfulness focus.

I’m attached to my Mala


Loving Kindness: My Favorite Sutra

Like the Dalai Lama, lamas, gurus and teachers of any legitimate lineage can help guide those who seek enlightenment. In Vajrayana, the teacher is important.

How I Found the Right Teacher of the Dharma

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