Theodore Tsaousidis

As our human condition has it, everyone must participate to a lesser or larger degree in the “hero’s journey”. Understanding this, Theodore Tsaousidis lectures and facilitates workshops/retreats in mindfulness and in healing traditional practices. His work is offering everyday tools to help with life’s inevitable valleys. These valleys will invariably include the struggles of emotional and physical pain, the darkness of despair and the longing for healing.

Theodore assists in exploring the questions, “How do I deal with everything that is going on in my life and in the world and still finds peace and fulfillment?” “If I cannot find peace, if I cannot be centered in the whole human condition, where and when am I going to find it? If not now, then when?”

The workshops are based on the new Mind/Body science, medical research, the work of Jon-Kabat Zinn and on Theodore’s over forty years of meditation practice. The Healing Retreats conducted are founded on the Tibetan Buddhist Practices of purification and empowerment.

Born in rural Greece, surrounded by mountains and valleys, Theodore was profoundly shaped by nature, elder mentors, and the tradition of village healers. He has been a student of Buddhism for the past three decades and continues to study under traditional teachers in Zen and in Tibetan healing teachings. He is also guided by his own experiences and healing.

Theodore offers meditation and healing workshops and retreats in the Owen Sound and Toronto areas. (Those who have participated in the workshops or retreats, may continue with a group or individual support as needed to discuss one’s process.

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