Video Dharma Recitation: Tara, Giver of Peace, Read by Jason Espada, ends in Tara Mantra Chanting

New Video on our YouTube Channel! Tara, Giver of Peace, Dharma Reading plus Yoko Dharma
singing the Tara mantra:

Tara Giver of Peace Prayer


Mothers pray to you

and children pray to you

Merchants pray to you

and travelers pray to you

Doctors, and lawyers and judges pray to you

the innocent pray to you

and the guilty pray to you

Students and scholars pray to you

Artists pray to you

the dull and the brilliant pray to you,

the humble and the proud

married people pray to you

and single people pray to you

those who are sick

and those who are healthy pray to you

healers pray to you

and those with a loved one in need

pray to you

kings and street sweepers pray to you

the living and the dying pray to you

the wealthy and the destitute pray to you

the young and the old,

the high and the low

all reach out their hands to you

all turn to you,

as their closest protector, guide and refuge,

as their benefactress in times of need,

and they turn to you in gratitude

as their patroness in times of success

All these prayers you hear

and you respond in visible and in invisible ways –

ways beyond the scope of ordinary conception

Although you are the most exalted one,

we run to you in total trust and confidence

like a child to a parent

going with total trust,

like a favored one

into the presence of an enlightened ruler

we go to you,

and rest

we are sheltered by you

cared for

and protected

And though your name can be said simply

and your divine qualities can be so easily known,

the depth of your wisdom, compassion, and activity,

is such

that lifetimes of study and practice,

until we ourselves become more like you,

are just a beginning, in truth

and so our everyday appeals

are for more simple things

we ask:

O Tara, Joy of the World,

let your presence be more fully known by us

clear away whatever obstacles there may be

and let the light, comfort and inspiration that you are

be known ever more fully by us now

pacify suffering conditions

and help us to live well

encourage us to outdo

what we thought was possible before

stabilize whatever we have now

of health, virtue,

wisdom and good fortune,

and increase, to meet our needs,

whatever we may lack

O Glorious Tara,

hope of the world,

to you we all pray,

May your blessings be upon us all,

so that we can, each one of us, achieve our aims,

and peace,

and fulfillment



Chanted by Yoko Dharma.

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