Podcast: Support Health and Long Life Ushnisha Vijaya Guided Meditation and Mantra 108 times chanted.

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    Ushnisha Vijaya, also known as Namgyelma in Tibetan, is one of the most beloved and widely practiced buddhas in Mahayana Buddhism. Why do Vajrayana Buddhists rely on the life-affirming, long-life Buddha Ushnisha Vijaya to support health and auspicious long life? What sutra, taught by the Buddha, contains the teachings on Ushnisha Vijaya and her Dharani? How can we meditate on Ushnisha Vijaya and bring her blessings into our life? We explore these questions in this short documentary on her beloved practice, followed by a short guided meditation with her beautiful long-life mantra, chanted wonderfully by Hrishikesh Sonar.


    In Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, the Yidam and your mind are inseparable. By visualizing the perfection of glorious long-life Ushnisha Vijaya, we connect our mind with her life-affirming, healing power. We empower our own prajna, or life force to rejuvenate our cells and heal our current physical bodies and minds. Ushnisha Vijaya, as our Yidam — or meditation deity —empowers our healing and long life by providing the perfect template — in Buddhist terms, mandala — to energize our own bodies to heal.

    Ushnisha Vijaya’s practice was taught by Buddha Shakyamuni in the sutra, Usnisihavijaya Sutra, which contains her long Dharani, and the shorter mantra beautifully chanted here by Hrishikesh Sonar.

    Uṣṇīṣavijayā is considered to be very important throughout the four major lineages the Sakya, Gelug, Nyingma and Kagyu. All regard Her practice as very precious because it clears away the obstacles to life. Also, ultimately, it purifies our own obscurations, our negative karma.” according to the 8th Garchen Rinpoche.

    Ushnishavijaya translates as Victorious Crown Goddess. She is one of a trinity of long-life Buddhas, including White Tara and Amitayus.

    Why are long-life Buddhas popular practices?

    Long-life Buddhas are very popular for good reason. With long life and good health, is the opportunity to practice Dharma. This is especially important in the case of our Buddhist teachers — their long lives benefit so many beings. Yet, equally, for ourselves, not because we cling to this Samsaric life, but because long life and health are conducive to a dedicated Dharma practice.

    Meditate along with us now, half-closing your eyes to meditate on Emptiness, and glimpsing none other than Ushnisha Vijaya. Visualize her in front of you, with healing white-golden light leaving the crown ushnisha of her head and entering your own crown, filling you with life-affirming light. Feel her healing blessings and warmth.

    See the glorious image of Ushnishavijaya, in front of you, the colour of an autumn moon, with three faces, white, yellow and blue and eight hands. Each face has three very large eyes. The first right hand holds a vishvavajra, a double vajra, her second hand holding a white lotus with Amitabha Buddha enthroned. Her third hand holds an arrow and the fourth in hand is in the mudra or gesture of supreme generosity. Her first left hand holds a vajra lasso. Her second left hand holds a bow. Her third left hand is in the gesture or mudra of bestowing protection, and her fourth left hand is in the gesture of meditative equipoise, and holding an auspicious nectar vase. She is beautifully adorned with silks and jewel ornaments, and seated in vajra posture.

    Holding the beautiful image of Ushnisha Vijaya, visualize the healing white-golden light from her crown entering your own body, reinforcing your lifeforce, your chi or prana. Her power, her healing light is removing all your negativities and your obstacles. Her healing light is strengthening you and healing you. Her blessings are filling you with lifeforce.

    Chant the beautiful mantra of Ushnisha Vijaya allowing the sacred syllables to empower you. Chant along now with Hrishikesh Sonar:
    Om Brum Svaha Om Amrita Ayur Da Dai Svaha

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