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Special Days

15 Miracles and 15 Days: Chotrul Duchen, the Day Buddha’s Great Miracles: Buddha, reluctant to use miraculous powers, displayed 15 miracles to help correct the errors of six prideful teachers

Miracles of Buddha, Part 2 The first moon of the New Year (Lunar)  is Chotrul Cuchen (Chunga Choepa), the Day celebrating Buddha's Miracles — often celebrated with a butter lamp festival. The festival of Buddha's fifteen miracles actually ...

Tsog dates on Western Calendar: and, the meaning of Tsog (Tsok) — the non-ordinary blissful offering

To learn about Tsog and its profound importance refer to the feature below the calendar. For those already familiar with Tsog (sometimes spelled Tsok) it can be confusing working out the Tsog dates and Lunar-based Buddhist festivals for ...


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