Special Days

Thangka depicted the 15 days of Buddha's miracles.

15 Miracles and 15 Days: Chotrul Duchen, the Day Buddha’s Great Miracles: Buddha, reluctant to use miraculous powers, displayed 15 miracles to help correct the errors of six prideful teachers

By Tango7174 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0. A depiction of the first teaching of the Buddha from a Vietnamese Buddhist monastery in Quebec, Canada. From Wikipedia.

Holy Day of Chokhor Duchen and Sangha Day: How to celebrate Buddha’s First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma — this year on July 21, 2023

Chakrasamvara Heruka and Vajrayogini are also Highest Yoga Tantra practices. Vajrayogini is an emanation of Tara.

Tsog dates 2022 on Western Calendar: and, the meaning of Tsog (Tsok) — the non-ordinary blissful offering

Lantern festival Loy Krathong in Thailand.

Buddhist Dharma Dates 2022: clearing the confusion on lunar calendars

Happy Losar 2020, Year of the Iron Mouse.

HAPPY LOSAR: TASHI DELEK! 2020 is the Year of the Iron Mouse: May All Beings be Happy.

Twice a month, many Tibetan Buddhists — and all practitioners with Higher Tantric commitments — make Tsog offerings. Usually this is a gathering of the sangha (although remote practitioners might practice alone, and visualize the gathering). In turn, the Tsog offerings are offering to the root and lineage gurus, the yidams, the Three Jewels, the ocean of Dakinis and oath-bound protectors, and all beings of the six realms.

Tsog (Tsok) dates in 2021: quick reference with dates — the blissful feast

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