Can Meditative Mind Create a “Cellular Utopia” for Your Body? Reducing Cell Stress with Meditation

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    Buddhism teaches that every person has universes within their cells and bodies. The Vairocana Sutra speaks of the unlimited megaverse metaphor, which includes those living in your cells. If you aim to create a cellular utopia with the megaverse teaching in mind, you may find greater happiness in your meditative practices.

    By Beth Rush

    Managing Editor,


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    How do you create a cellular utopia. The power of will and meditation over the body is widely understood. Stressful “constant” worried mind can distrupt the health, well-being and structure of the cells of our body.

    It Means You Reduce Your Stress

    Dealing with stressful situations is part of life, but it isn’t great for your cells long-term. Stress keeps your nervous system operating at total capacity. The constant activation creates oxidative stress that damages your cells’ lipid linings that help them function properly. [1]

    Meditation reduces your stress by calming your mind and heart rate. [2] Using it as a daily practice begins the work of building a cellular utopia. Cater to your body’s needs by prioritizing meditation and your cells will relax without the high stress levels.


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    Mind is the most sacred space in Buddhism. It is in our minds that we meet the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. It is also the seat of will. With will and the power of mind we can manage stress, improving our “cellular utopia.”


    This may mean changing your meditation practice to make it more effective. Try meditating at a different time of day or in a new environment. Soothing background sounds like white noises may also boost your focus so you find stress relief more easily.

    It Means You Eat Healthier Foods


    Verse four of Gesha Langri Thangpa’s Lojong mind training teachings reminds Buddhists to treat those who are suffering as though they are priceless treasures. [3] While you can use this mindset to extend kindness to others, it can also apply to how you view your own cells.


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    Be kind to your cells. Help your immune system strengthen, with meditation.

    Your body may suffer internally from a diet that causes high cellular inflammation. Changing what you eat to strengthen your cells doesn’t start with the action of putting food on your plate. It begins when you decide which foods you’ll consume.

    Harness the power of your mind to eat healthier foods that reduce oxidative stress. While you enjoy foods like sugar-free, vegan yogurts, you’ll reduce stress in your body while improving your mental health with vitamins. [4] Your mind and body will become stronger along your spiritual journey, making your meditation practice more fulfilling.

    It Means Rejecting Negative Influences

    Your mind controls which forms of negativity stick with you long-term. Gaining greater control of your willpower means it will be easier to remain in situations that benefit your cellular utopias.


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    Just as stress can disrupt our cells and our health, the power of will can re-exert control over our internal cellullar utopia.


    Meditating on your power over your mind is an excellent way to reject anything that causes stress for your cells. It also grants you time to consider how you could do things differently, like defeating toxicity in your workplace by extending kindness through actions or soothing your cells with inflammation-fighting foods. [5]

    Work alongside your cells to promote their well-being by advocating for your mind and body. If you use them purposefully, spiritual values and practices are tools to make that happen.

    Start Creating Your Cellular Utopias

    Anyone who relies on meditation and Buddhist teachings to better their lives can create cellular utopias within their bodies to further their spiritual journey. Soothe your cells to promote healing, health and happiness. You’ll use a megaverse perspective to care for yourself so your body thrives along with your spirit.

    Disclaimer: Always seek the advice of your health care practitioners when experiencing pain or other medical issues.


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    How do you create a cellular utopia. The power of will and meditation over the body is widely understood.
    Can Meditative Mind Create a “Cellular Utopia” for Your Body? Reducing Cell Stress with Meditation
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