Video: Mantra: Helps Overcome Dangers, Disasters, Brings Prosperity: Ksitigarbha Earth Treasury 地藏

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    “Ksitigarbha Practice… his practice will ensure the universe will remain stable, riches will increase, you will gain whatever you wish for, and all glorious qualities will expand enormously.” — Kṣhitigarbha and Ten Wheels Sūtra.



    Khenpo Sodargye explains: “In terms of stopping disasters and fulfilling wishes, it is stated by the compassionate Buddha Shakyamuni that praying for just one moment to Kishtigharba Bodhisattva is more effective than praying to other great bodhisattvas for many eons.”

    He is one of the eight Great Bodhisattvas, and he is the Bodhisattva currently rescuing beings tirelessly in our world.

    One of the most powerful and profound mantras of Kshitigarbha is:

    Om Ah Ksitigarbha T-haleng Hum

    (T-haleng sometimes transliterated as T-hanleng). With Ksitigarbha, it is pronounced as a aspirated “sh” with a very slight hardness. (When chanted it more or less sounds like “sh”).

    Here, chanted beautifully in Sanskrit by Buddha Weekly for one full hour. Recite with faith and devotion any time you feel threatened, especially by anything related to the earth, from earthquakes and hurricanes to viruses. Reciting also brings the bounty of the Earth Treasury  Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha

    Why is his meditation, mantra and sutra recitation so effective? This is because of his vows in the Sutra of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha’s Fundamental Vows.

    “Manjushri, at that time, the sage vowed, `From now to incalculable kalpas in the future, I will provide extensive expedient means of deliverance to all of the sinful and suffering beings in the six realms of samsara, leading all of them to liberation.  Then, I, myself, will realize Buddhahood.’  He took such a great vow in front of that Buddha…” — from Sutra

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    On DEEZER:

    Ksitigarbha usually appears as a monk with an iconic staff in a standing or walking posture — as he never rests from his endless mission to save the suffering beings of Samsara.

    Ksitigarbha staff symbolizes his connection to the earth and it is also the implement he uses to open the portals between the six worlds.

    Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva is one of the most popular and beloved Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. This is because his great vow to save all beings from suffering resonates with so many people. Kṣitigarbha is also known as the “Bodhisattva of Compassion” because of his boundless compassion for all beings. When we recite Kṣitigarbha’s Fundamental Vow, we are reminded of our own potential to make a difference in the world and to help those who are suffering. He is also associated with rescues and averting dangers; often his mantra is chanted to help avert natural disasters (see the section below on “Natural Disasters.

    According to tradition and Sutra teachings, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva — also known as Jizo in Japan, or Dìzàng in Chinese Buddhism — will be the most active of the Bodhisattvas in the time between the Nirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha and the rise of the next Buddha Maitreya.

    For these reasons, and his closeness to our world, he is called the Earth Treasury Bodhisattva (or Earth Store Bodhisattva).

    In times of natural disaster, such as earthquakes, climate change, hurricanes, and epidemics, teachers such as Lama Zopa Rinpoche recommend his meditation and mantra.

    The mantra and his Dharani contain the essence of recitation of the Eight Names of Kṣitigarbha and Ten Wheels Sutra.

    He is also widely treasured because he is an unfailing friend and hero, rescuing those suffering from negative karmas and hell realms.

    He is praised and honored in most traditions of Mahayana Buddhism, because of his great vows to save all sentient beings from suffering.

    His special day, celebrated by most Buddhists, is on the 30th day of the 7th lunar month, but he is a daily practice for many.

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