Video: In Praise of Tara, written and recited by Jason Espada — Praising the Mother of All the Buddhas

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    Jason Espada recites In Praise of Tara with beautiful Tara images. Don’t miss this wonderful praise of the Mother of All the Buddhas. Jason Espada is well known for his Dharma Recordings.He is the author of several books on Buddhism and Dharma. [More on Jason below.]

    Buddha Weekly presents

    Jason Espada Recites

    In Praise of Tara

    Praising the Mother of All the Buddhas

    May All Beings Benefit


    Buddha Weekly Praising the Mother of All the Buddhas Buddhism



    Holy Tara, Protector of living beings,
    May your blessings flow throughout all of our lives
    and by Your Compassionate Activity,
    may all the needs of all beings
    be completely fulfilled now

    Your beauty tames the minds of living beings.
    You draw all beings to yourself.
    Your virtue calms their fears and brings them all fresh happiness.

    You are the one who makes what seems to be the impossible
    entirely possible
    You conquer disbelief, and dispel doubt
    without leaving even a trace
    You are miraculous activity, beyond comprehension.

    You are ‘swift to regard’, quick to respond,
    the remover of obstacles.

    You are our protector
    You are grace and blessings,
    the relative and ultimate liberator of beings

    Your beauty inspires uprightness of moral character
    You pacify habit energy
    We shed our skins, lose our old ways,
    like leaves falling off of trees

    You bring new birth, and give new strength
    You purify the mind – like the stream-clearing jewel
    You uplift and brighten the mind

    For those with positive aims,
    You are their Great Benefactress
    You set all things right
    You bring about reconciliation without impediment
    without anything blocking it
    You bring harmony to every surrounding circumstance

    You help us to gather all positive conditions
    You bring out the best that is in us all
    You make all practices effective
    It has always been this way

    It is this way now
    It will always be this way

    You are the spring-like feeling of yes,
    the sum of all optimism,
    joyful positive energy,
    the feeling of I can

    May your blessings completely illuminate all of our lives
    and may all the needs of all beings
    be completely fulfilled now

    O, Bright Virtue!
    You are light
    You are grace in my life
    and subtle nourishment
    The blessing of all the women who have ever wished me well

    You are instinctive love,
    naturally inclusive
    You are embodied enlightened intelligence,
    intuitive awareness, the heart awake,
    and the flourishing of joy

    You are playful, youthful, joyful, quick, charming, elegant, inspiring, wise,
    warm, strengthening, encouraging, healing,
    calming, stabilizing;
    How can I call you? Tara – hope, positive energy, joyful, pure,
    wholesome energy

    With your rivers
    nurture my limbs, these fields
    With your warmth, your light
    bring about the total flowering of goodness…

    May your blessings be established in all of our lives

    Because this is Divine Feminine energy, quick to respond
    with magical activity,
    the equivalent of the patron saint of lost causes,
    spiritual beauty bringing light, giving hope,
    removing obstacles,
    calming fear, pacifying suffering,
    and protecting
    bringing harmony to every surrounding circumstance,
    bringing life, health, happiness, good fortune, and stability

    and, being the Spring-like sum of all optimism, inspiring,
    positive energy,
    enabling all the good things we would do to become effective,
    to become fulfilled,
    to become complete,
    this is called Green Tara

    May all share in these blessings.

    Buddha Weekly Ani Tenzin Palmo and me Buddhism
    Jason Espada (right) with his teacher Ani Tenzin Palmo.


    Jason Espada describing “In Praise of Tara”

    “I usually don’t comment on anything I write out that is more lyrical, since these sorts of things should speak for themselves, but in this case, maybe it would add something to say the following.

    I had the idea that describing a bodhisattva, or a guardian or benefactor can be likened to talking about a person.  We may say the person has this quality, or likes to go here or there, or spend their time like this, all of which would be for the sake of trying to give us some idea of the person. All the different things we could say would be to introduce us to the essence of the person.  So it is with this poem about Tara. The different aspects or qualities mentioned refer to something that is one essential nature – that is Tara. The purpose of writing this, and reflecting on it is to get in touch with what is being talked about.

    One more thing maybe worth mentioning. While much of this is very personal,  I’ve been surprised to learn that others have had similar experiences with Tara. And so here I am writing this out this prayer and sharing it with others, with the hope that it brings others, my dear friends and family, the same, and greater, benefit.”

    — Page 145, from the book A Belief in the Miraculous

    Don’t miss this recitation video: Medicine Buddha Sutra recited by Jason Espada:

    Medicine Buddha Sutra: video audio recitation of full Sutta — listening or reciting is a very empowering healing practice




    Buddha Weekly Ajahn Pasanno and me Buddhism
    Jason Espada with his teacher Ajahn Pasanno.


    “Who is Tara?” — the miraculous, mystical and marvelous view. Book excerpt from “A Belief in the Miraculous” — Jason Espada

    Written and Recited by Jason Espada

    Buddha Weekly Jason Espada Recites In Praise of Tara Buddhism
    Jason Espada in studio.


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    Jason Espada

    Author | Buddha Weekly

    Jason Espada is a writer and classical musician living in San Francisco; a steward of his father’s photography, and the founder of A Buddhist Library: Over the years, he’s made a number of recordings of Buddhist teachings. These days his focus is on the natural connection between spirituality and social action. His new website is at

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