Josh Reichmann

Josh Reichmann is a multi-disciplinary artist and dharma student-teacher. He relays epochal shifting visions through modernist views of spiritual practice, devotion, and creative artifacts.

His work engages clairsentience and poetry to spread Dharma and discuss the arising psychic template prevalent today.

Josh Reichmann teaches traditional meditation and uses visualization and energy work, leading recovery and mindfulness retreats for over six years. He is a student of Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism through the Gelugpa sect and uses other modalities to augment his offerings.

Josh Reichmann has released multiple musical recordings internationally and directed music videos and the feature film "Tenzin" which is spoken entirely in Tibetan featuring an all Tibetan cast. The film was presented to Cannes festival programmers on behalf of Telefilm Canada in 2018. His film work includes scriptwriting and creative direction.

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Riding the breath: exploring chakras, meridians, and the subtle body; the quality of “I” and releasing the shackles of mind

Chakras, meridians, the central channel, kundalini, and the subtle or energy body. All of these terms, ideas, and words swirl around our current culture like never before. The historical significance and understanding of these differ greatly from our ...
Chinese Buddhist Hungry Ghost Festival is usually in August in Buddhism.

Ghosts, Nagas, Demons and Duality: Are Supernatural Beings Cogenerated, Illusory, Dream or Ultimately Real?

One of the main obstacles to discussing phenomena such as ghosts, demons, gods, nagas, or any other supernatural thing is that our current secular rationalist paradigm only understands or allows for one analytical framework of explanation. It positions ...

What Are We? The Body is the Channel — Energy and consciousness are enmeshed principles in Tibetan Buddhism

What are we and what are our limits? An answer arrives when we make contact with the nature of energy and consciousness embodiment. Energy and consciousness are enmeshed principles in Tibetan Buddhism and other contemplative spiritual traditions. Energy ...

Into Lucid Dreaming — going deep with Dream Yoga; helping touch the enlightened state of awareness

Dream yoga, lucid dreaming, or conscious dream awareness is a profound practice for awakening the mind and spirit. Dreaming is a very different experience to be had while in full lucidity The awake or lucid dreamer carries the ...

Penetrating dualistic perception with the self-realized mind — and how to de-program a binary world

We are now witnessing the de-tethering and showcasing of two emergent and dominant branches of human orientation - the spiritual and the materially centered. Determining which direction all of our overlapping communities take, will ignite and be initiated ...
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