Donald Mena

About the author: Donald Mena is a writer, psychologist, and meditation enthusiast.He studies ancient Buddhist texts and is a contributor to WritingAPaper, where you can get help with academic writing.

Advesha — the “abscence of Hatred”: how Buddha taught us to overcome the poison of Hatred

Hatred is the most potent of the three poisons, considered more dangerous than greed and ignorance. Buddha taught many ways to supress hatred, and especially emphasized advesha — "absence of hatred" methods. Hatred is often our way of ...

The Discourse that Set the Dharma Wheel Rolling: Three Key Principles Taught by Buddha in Forty Life-Inspiring Verses

Buddha taught three key principles of the Buddha Dharma path, summarized elegantly in "The Discourse that Set the Dharma-Wheel Rolling" as forty life-inspiring verses. [Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. The full text as verses in English translation are below. This concise ...
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