Bhodi Anjo Daishin

Concentration, meditation, mental development. Developing one's mind is the path to wisdom which in turn leads to personal freedom. Mental development also strengthens and controls our mind; this helps us maintain good conduct.

I was a university administrator involved in international education. I also am a very successful local musician in Western New York. In that "other" world I am Gregg Sansone... As I have gotten older my path has led me to some wonderful places and to the awesome point I am at right now. The people in my life are gifts and I can truly say that I am grateful for all that is present in my life. I see so much with Buddhist practice that my open eyes, in turn, open my heart and soul...Too flowery? That's okay too...We all have our own path to walk.

I am just doing my part to live a peaceful life as a Buddhist Italian-American in Buffalo, New York of all places! Just doing my part to live a peaceful life as a Buddhist Italian American in Buffalo, NY of all places! I am a Buddhist who follows in the tradition of Buddhist nun Pema Chodron, Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, but I enjoy teachings from all Buddhist traditions. I have been to many countries witnessing Buddhism and mindful practices. I continue to learn and follow a life that incorporates the Five Precepts and Zazen. This site is a great place for me to share elements of life that I come across in books, film and certainly on the Internet. I state my opinion and try to be open to everything. We all have our own path and, in some way, I hope I can add to your life and you can add to mine. I act out of generosity, loving kindness and, hopefully, wisdom. Namaste!

8 Rights: The Noble Eightfold Path — the Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching

The Noble Eightfold Path distinguishes itself from many teachings in its positive, affirmative nature. Many spiritual teachings consist of dont's: don't do this, don't do that. The Noble Eightfold Path speaks in positive, warm terms. Implied within the ...
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