Buddha-Weekly-21 Taras Atisha Lineage mandala palace-Buddhism

Buddha Weekly 21 Taras Atisha Lineage mandala palace Buddhism

Buddha-Weekly-21 Taras Atisha Lineage mandala palace-Buddhism 2

2 thoughts on “Buddha-Weekly-21 Taras Atisha Lineage mandala palace-Buddhism”

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for High Definition pic of 21 Taras Atisha Mandala,.
    May you please help me?

    Thanx for your time


    1. Dear Giovanni, We don’t have high resolution of this. There is a different painting of this on Himalayanart.org — it’s a go to resource for most people. You can try this link https://www.himalayanart.org/items/57475 (for a closer look at the image click on “take a closer look” under the picture. Himalayanart.org is amazing, they display art from collections of Himalayan art from all around the world. In kindness,

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