Video: Celebrating 40 Years of Dharma Practice in Remote Tasmania! One of the oldest Dharma centers in the West Commemorates with Retreat, and a Party

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    Buddha Weekly Zasep Rinpoche Cuts the Cake at 40th anniversary Dorje Ling Buddhism e1486506598513
    Zasep Rinpoche cuts the cake at the 40th Anniversary Party for Dorje Ling.

    Dancing and singing seems like an appropriate way to bring in a celebration of Dorje Ling’s 40 Years as a non-sectarian Dharma Centre — especially a Dharma retreat farm in remote and stunning island state of Tasmania. To live music, with appropriate lyrics of “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha” the lucky students and friends partied outdoors.


    It’s a party! Live music and dancing to “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha” at the 40th anniversary of Dorje Ling/Illusion Farm, Lorinna, Tasmania. Musicians: Max Bladel (vocals), Seymour Turnbull (guitar), Ngaire Green (keyboard):  



    Buddha Weekly People of all ages attended Dorje Ling 40th party BuddhismThe 1970s vibe resonated through the event, from retro posters to cool, live music and dance — and of course teachings and retreats! All ages partied and received teachings.

    Teachings in Tasmania

    Where better to absorb the essence of Dharma than in the stunning beauty of Tasmania? The lucky anniversary attendees received teachings in Mahamudra, as well as a Medicine Buddha initiation and practice. At the end of teachings, the dancing began.


    1977 2017 40th anniverary at dorje ling
    1977-2017 Retro Poster Celebrates Dorje Ling’s 40 Years, one of the oldest Dharma Centres in Australia.


    For those who missed Zasep Rinpoche’s teachings in Tasmania, and previously in Vajra Ling, Zasep Rinpoche moves on to Melbourne Daylesford and Perth for more teachings in Australia (see bottom for schedule).


    Buddha Weekly Dorje Ling Gompa Buddhism
    Dorje Ling a Buddhist retreat center in picturesque Tasmania. Zasep Rinpoche in front.


    Buddha Weekly 40th Year Poster Dorje Ling Buddhism1977 to 2017 — a Colorful History

    Today, situated on 48 acres of beautiful forest, the centre was first called Illusion Farm, a very 70-ish name. Illusion Farm, the current day Dorje Ling Retreat Centre, has hosted continuous retreats and teachings since the first teachings led by Phra Kantipalo of the Thai tradition in 1977. Shortly after, in 1978, the most Venerable Geshe Thubten Loden of the Gelug Tibetan tradition gave teachings, with the Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche there as translator. The centre was so taken with Venerable Zasep Rinpoche, they invited him to become their spiritual head. Venerable Zasep Rinpoche is now the spiritual head of many centers in what is now known as Gaden for the West (with gompas, retreat centres and meditation centres in Australia, Canada, and the United States and Europe.)


    Buddha Weekly Flowers and retreat hut dorje ling Buddhism
    Beautiful in spring, Dorje Ling in Tasmania.


    Today, the center is known as Dorje Ling, affiliated with Tashi Choling Foundation, Hobart Buddhist Meditation Centre and Gaden for the West. Over the years, many teachers have visited to deliver teachings. After Phra Khantipalo and Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden and Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, teachers included Traleg Rinpoche, Ayya Khema, Hogen San, Gala Tulku Rinpoche, Jampa Gendun, Tarchin Hearn and Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey.

    Even with set backs such as the 2016 flood, the Gompa continues to flourish in beautiful Tasmania.


    Buddha Weekly Gompa and Surrounding Hills Dorje Ling Buddhism
    Equally gorgeous in winter at Dorje Ling, Tasmania.


    Dorje Ling Today

    Dorje Ling retreats may come as close to the Yogi’s cave retreat as a modern-day aspirant could hope for. Dorje Ling’s rustic Gompa, an hexagonal log building is equipped for retreats, with kitchens, a caretaker, a long-term teacher’s residence, and solar powered retreat huts is ideal for retreatants seeking to really escape the stress of urban living. Dorje Ling is as wild and wonderful as it gets, with camping space, walking trails, forests and nearby whitewater.


    Buddha Weekly Zasep Tulku Rinpoche spiritual head of Dorje LIng Buddhism
    Venerable Zasep Rinpoche teaching at Dorje Ling, a rustic and beautiful log Gompa on 48 acres of land in Tasmania.


    Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

    The most Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche’s history with the centre goes back to 1978, just after he first came to Australia in 1977. Although Zasep Rinpoche is also spiritual director of all Gaden for the West centres in Australia, Canada and the U.S., Rinpoche regularly delivers teachings at Dorje Ling. For Buddha Weekly features, including teachings, videos and commentaries, mentioning Zasep Rinpoche, visit>>

    A review of Zasep Rinpoche’s biography, A Tulku’s Journey from Tibet to Canada is here>>

    Buddha Weekly is currently running as series of 10 short videos, Advice from the Teachers, which feature Venerable Zasep Rinpoche>>

    Buddha Weekly kailash a quaint retreat cabin dorje ling Buddhism
    One of the lovely retreat cabins at Dorje Ling.

    Tashi Choling Dharma Foundation Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association based in Tasmania, Australia.

    Dorje Ling downloadable PDF information sheet>>

    Their mailing address is:
    Tashi Choling Dharma Foundation Inc.
    PO Box 593
    North Hobart
    TAS 7002


    Zasep Tulku Rinpoche’s February and March Teachings in Australia

    FEBRUARY 2017 


    Tibetan Buddhist Society – Yuroke, Melbourne

    • Buddha Weekly Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche Teaching at Gaden Choling Toronto Spring 2016 Buddhism
      Venerable Zasep Rinpoche 

      Wednesday 8th February – Public talk – How to Realise your Buddha Potential

    • Friday 10th – White Tara Long Life Initiation
    • Weekend Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th – Teaching on Six Yogas of Naropa Teaching on Six Yogas of Naropa (prerequisites required: You must have one of the Maha Anuttara Yoga tantric initiations like Yamantaka, Heruka, Vajrayogini or Chittamani Tara)
    • Tuesday 14th – Medicine Buddha initiation
    • Wednesday 15th – Six Armed Mahakala initiation


    • Friday 17th – Evening Je Tsongkhapa initiation
    • Sunday 19th February – Concise Lam Rim teaching and Vajrapani initiation and practice


    • Tuesday February 21 – Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Practice, Abbotsford Convent 7 pm.
    • Thursday 23rd  February – Black Manjushri Initiation **CHANGE OF VENUE** Tibetan Buddhist Society Yuroke
    • Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th February – Mahamudra and Heart Sutra teachings

    MARCH 2016


    • Sunday 5th March: Mahamudra Retreat
    • Tuesday 7th March: Black Manjushri Initiation
    • Wednesday 8th March: Six Armed Mahakala Initiation
    • Thursday 9th March: Book Launch – A Tulku’s Journey from Tibet to Canada
    • Friday 10th March: Medicine Buddha Initiation
    • Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th March: Medicine Buddha Retreat
    • Tuesday 14th March: Teaching on Mahamudra
    • Wednesday 15th March: How to do personal retreats and make Tormas


    • Friday 17th March: Public talk – Mindfulness with Loving Kindness
    • Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th March: Retreat on Mindfulness with Loving Kindness


    • Maroochydore (details on the web at
    • Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th March: Black Manjushri Healing Initiation and practice retreat

    Other centres affiliated with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

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