Buddha-Weekly-Eight Precepts-Buddhism

Buddha Weekly Eight Precepts Buddhism

Buddha-Weekly-Eight Precepts-Buddhism 2

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  1. Susan Wirawan

    Thanks for the Eight Precepts. For the purposes of keeping them, what would we call a high and large bed,? I want to keep these precepts, and my bed currently is a single sized bed only, made simply of wood but with a usual thickness yet firm mattress on it.
    Is this acceptable do you think?
    And what about pillows? Do we use them at sll, for sleep?

    1. Hi Susan, Are you referring here to Nyung Nye two-day practice for purification, healing and so on? If so, you try, during the two days to be as strict as possible, but as a general rule, the point is not to have any attachments, cravings and so on.. So, if you already have a “soft” or large bed, you don’t need to worry. The point is not to crave it, become attached to it, and so on. So, in other words, for retreat, do what you can. Suddenly feeling attached to the idea of acquiring a small wooden bed with no pillows can be considered attachment as well. The idea is to think about purifying our mindstreams, purifying our karma, and not craving or attaching to anything during retreat. For “daily living” practice, mostly the goal is to practice the middle way, and avoid craving and attachments that lead to the three poisons. The three poisons are: greed (raga, also translated as lust), hatred (dvesha, or anger), and delusion (moha, or ignorance). The three poisons are opposed by three wholesome, or positive attitudes essential to liberation: generosity (dana), lovingkindness (maitri, Pali: metta), and wisdom (prajna). But, if you are practicing a strict retreat, of course, you try to adhere as closely as you can for the period of the retreat. Hope that helps.

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