Ruyosho Joaquin Salazar


Joaquin Ryusho Salazar grew up in New York from age 6 months with a Dominican diplomatic family. He went to U.S, schools until graduating from high school.

He spent 10 years in Rome, Italy, where he married and returned home. He worked for U.S. companies and taught college classes in several local universities, he organized zen meditation groups, ultimately the Dominican Zen Center. Travelled to the U.S. for retreats and teachings from several Masters. (see below)

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Ryusho (Flying dragon, name given by his teacher Eido Shimano), began his Zen Dharma studies and practice after reading Rev. Phillip Kapleau Roshi´s  best seller “The Three Pillars of Zen”, ground breaking introduction to zen practice written after several years of zen training in Japan.

Upon returning to his home country, the Dominican Republic, more than thirty years ago, Ryusho began his practice and activities to make the Dharma known leading to the foundation of the Dominican Republic Zen Center.

Ryusho soon travelled to the city of Rochester where Kapleau Roshi had his Zen Center, he stayed there for couple of weeks.

After that, Ryusho continued his studies and carried out retreats (sesshins) with several zen masters beginning with Kapleau Roshi, among whom the longest were with Rev, Eido Shimano, Roshi, in Dai Bosatsu Zendo, (recently deceased) New York State, Rev. Mitsunen Lou Nordstrom, Roshi, in Florida, and Rev. Tetsugen Bernie Glassman (also deceased).

He participated in a meaningful sesshin at the Zen Mountain Center under the leadership of Rev. John Daido Loori, who he was trying to invite to his country before his death.

He was ordained a Soto Zen priest in the year two thousand and continued the priest path until he received Soto Shiho, or direct transmission, in the year 2010.

Through all of this Ryusho continued to organize the Dominican Zen Center, ordaining four local priests with the Tokudo ordination, the first of three steps to full ordination.

Ryusho currently lives in Punta Cana where he is vice rector and teacher at a local university after retiring from his career as human resources manager in several multinational companies.

Ryusho has students in several areas of the country and in Puerto Rico as well. His short term project is to create an international zen retreat facility in a rural area where he can receive students from overseas countries  including the Peacemaker groups and others.


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