Mark Tursi

Mark Tursi is the author of four books of poetry including the forthcoming title, The Uncanny Valley. He is currently at work on several writing projects, one of which is a work of philosophy and theory tentatively titled, Experience & Emptiness that explores the confluence of Postmodern philosophy with Surrealism, Zen Buddhism, and notions of the sublime. He is an Adjunct Professor on several different campuses including Pace University and the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility (via Marymount Manhattan College). He is also one of the founding editors of Apostrophe Books (, a small independent press that publishes poetry that intersects philosophy, pataphysics, theory, and cultural studies.

Zen Buddhism and Western Philosophy: Snow globes and mind of winter; logic and wisdom; noumenon and phenomenon

Buddha meditating in a snow globe.   New contributing writer Mark Tursi's insightful commentary on the contrasts and connections between Zen Buddhism and Western Philosophy, starting and ending with a powerful "snow globe" metaphor: Shake it and there’s ...
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