Jason Espada

Jason Espada is a writer and classical musician living in San Francisco; a steward of his father’s photography, and the founder of A Buddhist Library: http://www.abuddhistlibrary.com. Over the years, he’s made a number of recordings of Buddhist teachings. These days his focus is on the natural connection between spirituality and social action. His new website is at JasonEspada.com.

Buddhist healing: strengthening health, helping others — downloadable text from Jason Espada: A Collection of Buddhist Methods for Healing

Editor's Introduction — Jason Espada is well-known for preserving and publishing teachings. Now, in this time of world crisis, Jason has published a free collection of Buddhist teachings on Healings. As he says in his introduction — "We ...

“Who is Tara?” — the miraculous, mystical and marvelous view. Book excerpt from “A Belief in the Miraculous” — Jason Espada

Many Buddhists in "modern" times tend to rationalize the "sacred" and the "miraculous" as metaphors and skillful means. While this may seem very reasonable, safe and rational, there is room for faith, belief and "magic" in our practice. ...

Medicine Buddha Sutra: video audio recitation of full Sutta — listening or reciting is a very empowering healing practice

Jason Espada recites the full Medicine Buddha Sutra, here, in a video with wonderful Medicine Buddha images, illustrations Tangkhas and statues for visual contemplation. Reciting or listening to the Medicine Buddha Sutra is a very empowering healing practice. ...
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