Dr. Deepika Chamoli Shahi, PhD

Buddha Weekly contributing writer Dr. Deepika Chamoli Shahi is a Psychologist, currently a clinical training and research lead at Mom’s Belief, with a PhD in Psychology from Amity University Noida Campus. Dr. Deepika Chomoli worked with His Holiness Drikyung Kyabgong Chetsang Rinpoche on the Manjushri mantra cognitive research. Dr. Deepika Chamoli is a practicing Buddhist, author of several books and research papers, and a volunteer reviewer for ayur gyan nyas.

Cognitive Research: Om Ah Ra Pa Cha Na Dhi, Manjushri’s Arapachana mantra, proven to “enhance cognitive functions to a significant degree” versus non-spiritual “tongue twisters”

By Dr. Deepika Chamoli Shahi, PhD. Editors Intro In important cognitive research led by Dr. Deepika Chamoli Shahi, Manjushri's essence mantra — Om Ah Ra Pa Cha Na Dhi — enhanced "cognitive functions to a signicant degree." Although ...
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