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    Monday, November 27, 2023

    15th of Lunar Month, Full Moon

    Amitabha’s special puja day is on the full moon of each month, the 15th of the lunar month. On this day we celebrate Amitabha Pujas, or in informal environments, with extra offerings, chant his name praise or mantras. Ideally chant his powerful Dharani on this day.


    Buddha Weekly Amitabha Buddha mantra Om Ami Dewa Hri Buddhism
    Om Ami Dewa Hri is the mantra of Amitabha Buddha.

    “When I have attained Buddhahood, if those beings who are in the ten quarters should believe in me with serene thoughts, and should wish to be born in my country, and should have, say, ten times thought of me (or repeated my name) – if they should not be born there, may I not obtain the perfect knowledge; – barring only those who have committed the five heinous crimes, and those who have spoken ill of the good Dharma.”

    — Amitabha Sutra

    “Namo Amitabha” is a praise chanted in different forms by millions — as a complete practice in itself. He is best known as the Buddha of Compassion. Sometimes he is called the “Buddha of infinite merits” and also “Buddha of Infinite Light.” Amitabha fulfils the “savior” role amongst the Buddhas (together with his spiritual children Avaolokiteshvara and Tara) — this because of his “great vow” in 48 points (see sutra below.) His actual name praise is, in full: “Om Namo Amitabhaya Buddhaya” in Sanskrit. (In Japanese, Namu Amida Butsu)

    BEAUTIFUL CHANTING OF AMITABHA’S DHARANI! Chant along anytime, but especially on Amitabha Day!


    Amitabha practice: easy, welcoming, and his merits are so vast that all beings can benefit: Amitabha Sutra

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