Podcast: Introducing the Three Great Bodhisattvas and their mantras: Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani

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    What are the three key aspects of Buddhist Practice? What Bodhisattvas represent these key foundations in Buddhism? How can we bring them into our lives? In this Buddha Weekly podcast, we introduce the Three Lords of the World, Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani, the Three Great Bodhisattvas. We also present their mantras, here chanted together beautifully by Hrishi.



    Wisdom, Compassion and Powerful Activity

    Cultivating Wisdom, Compassion and Activity are the key aspects of Buddhist Practice. These are represented by the “Three Lords of the World” — the three great Bodhisattva heroes who promised to remain in Samsara until all sentient beings are rescued. The Three Lords of the World are Manjushri, Bodhisattva of Wisdom; Avalokiteshvara, Bodhisattva of Compassion; and Vajrapani, Bodhisattva of Power and activities.

    Why these Three Out of the Eight Great Ones

    In Buddhism, especially Mahayana, the three great Bodhisattvas, called the Three Lords of the World, are the most important practice. Why? Because they remain in our world, working to help us, and their focus is to empower wisdom and compassion.

    There are Eight Great Bodhisattvas, traditionally, in Buddhism, but, in many temples and practices, the Three Lords of the World are preeminent.

    Don’t miss the beautiful chanted mantras, arranged and performed by Hrishikesh Sonar at the end of the podcast!

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