Buddha-Weekly-Herkua Chakrasamvara Vajrayogini-Buddhism

Buddha Weekly Herkua Chakrasamvara Vajrayogini Buddhism

Buddha-Weekly-Herkua Chakrasamvara Vajrayogini-Buddhism 2

2 thoughts on “Buddha-Weekly-Herkua Chakrasamvara Vajrayogini-Buddhism”

  1. Daniel W Hamburger

    which is a better meditation practice, Naropa’s vajrayogini or the Heruka Chackrasamvav 62-deity Body Mandala practice?

    1. Dear Daniel, there is no better, there is only the practice that is better for you, personally. Each practice is suited to different people, depending on what they are working on in their practice, their personal karmas and their teacher’s advice. They are both highest yoga tantra practices, rare opportunities for most — receiving empowerment, transmission of the sadhanas and teacher permission is already precious and both are equally polished jewels of the highest perfection. For Highest Yoga Tantra practices, it’s best to be guided by your teacher.

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