Buddha Nature and Mahamudra Meditation with Zasep Tulku Rinoche

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Thirteenth Zasep Tulku, Archarya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, an Internationally Respected Teacher, in Toronto June 8-18
Thirteenth Zasep Tulku, Archarya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche is an engaging and respected Tibetan Buddhist teacher.

Important event with the Venerable Archarya Zasep Tulku Rinoche, spiritual head of Gaden for the West.

This is a rare opportunity to receive teachings from the highly realized teacher Zasep Tulku Rinpcohe. Rinpoche teaches in English with a warmth and charm that keeps attendees engaged. He is always ready with a laugh and a joke. His vast knowledge of Dharma and willingness to answer tough questions adds to his irresistible charisma.

On April 29, 2014, Rinpoche will offer teachings on Buddha Nature and Mahamudra.

Open to: anyone. This talk and meditation is open to anyone of any religion or philosophy and is appropriate for beginning or advanced practitioners.


  • M’Wikwedong Native Cultural Resource Centre
  • 1723 8th Avenue East, Owen Sound, ON N4K 6W5

Description: According to Buddhist teachings, all sentient beings have “Buddha nature” or true nature — which is inherently pure and good. Everyone’s heart yearns for happiness and freedom from suffering. This yearning is a sign of Buddha nature. All of us can and need to develop our true nature — for ourselves, and the planet.

Mahamudra is a way to develop our pure nature. This meditation is not just contemplation on emptiness and bliss, but is a technique to help free ourselves from Samsaric mental defilement (suffering) and appreciate how to be fully aware in each moment.

About Rinpoche: Rinpoche was enthroned as the Thirteenth Zasep Tulku at Zuru monestary at the age of five. Rinpoche developed Dharma centres in the Gelugpa tradition in Canada, United States and Australia, organized as Gaden for the West. He is the author of a precious commentary on the female Buddha: Tara in the Palm of Your Hand.

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Archaya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche at Gaden Choling Mahayana Buddhist Meditation Centre


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