Amitabha Dharani 2_Page_1

Amitabha Dharani

Avalokiteshvara Great Compassion Dharani 2_Page_1

Avalokiteshvara Great Compassion Dharani

Medicine Buddha Dharani_Page_1

Medicine Buddha Dharani

Tara’s Great Dharani and the Sutra-2_Page_1

Tara’s Great Dharani and the Sutra of Tara Who Protects from the Eight Fears

Visualizing the Medicine Buddha Mantra and rays of healing Lapis Lazuli light emanating from the Buddha, and absorbed into the patient (or self) assists in healing.

The First Doctor: Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru Lapis Lazuli Light — Empowering You to Heal; the Buddha of Healing and Medicine and Doctors

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