Friday Fun: Regan the Vegan’s hilarious video— enough puns per minute to drive anyone nuts…except Regan the Vegan’s delivery is pear-fect

Just some Friday fun. Hilarious video, with enough puns per minute to drive anyone nuts…except Regan the Vegan’s delivery is pear-fect. It’s enough to make a mango crazy.

Great three minute video: Why I Went Vegan by Regan the Vegan.

“Hi there I’m Regan the Vegan…

One of the questions I get asked most often is “Regan the Vegan, why did you go vegan?”


"First lettuce just say..."
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“First lettuce just say…”


So let me tell you a story about how it all vegan. First lettuce just say I was very much not vegan. I used to want to eat meat for every meal and I didn’t carrot all about anything I was eating. That’s right, it was about a one in a melon chance that I would go vegan.


Buddha-Weekly-Regan the Vegan delivery pear-fect-Buddhism
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“It’s true, I was far from eating a pear-fect diet…”


It’s true, I was far from eating a pear-fect diet, and with all the meat and processed animal products I was eating, I was left chubby and feeling low on energy. I was just left feeling a beet tired all of the time.

So that’s when I went vegan, and immediately I felt good from my head toma toes….”

Watch the video for more puns, if it doesn’t drive you bananas.

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Dave Lang

Author | Buddha Weekly

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